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Engineering Kit Module - Sabotage icon.png
Epic icon.png
Engineering Kit Module - Sabotage
Epic Kit Module
Character Bind On Pickup
Engineering Officer
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

AoE Weapons Offline, Destroy Constructs
To Living Foes within 30m of target: Disables ranged weapons for 6 sec
Causes Non-Living Foes to deal 692.1 Electrical Damage (Damage reduces from epicenter) to all other Foes within 15m before being destroyed.
20 sec recharge
Value: 29,250 Energy credit icon.png

Engineering Kit Module - Sabotage is a Kit Module which can only be used by Engineering players. It can be acquired from the Kelvin Timeline Lock Box.

Game Description[]

Special Ability: Sabotage icon (Federation).png Sabotage

Sends out a complex interference signal out at the targeted foe's location that will overload the power systems of artificial constructs in the area (turrets, drones, etc.) making them violently explode in a shower of electrical damage while being destroyed in the process. Weapons of foes in the affected area will also briefly be disabled.