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An Epohh

Epohhs are small, furry creatures native to New Romulus which can be bred to become non-combat pets.

They are also extremely useful for obtaining Romulan Marks Romulan Marks, as a full grown Epohh of any breed (aside ones from Q's Winter Wonderland) can be traded in for 400 Romulan Marks. There are 8 different kinds, not including the ones found at Q's Winter Wonderland. After collecting [Active Epohh Tags] rewarded by “New Romulus: Isha Forest Epohh Collection”, Epohhs can be raised via the assignment “Research Tagged Epohhs” given by Toreth in the Isha Forest.

Each of the basic kinds has the potential to evolve into one of the evolved kinds (the base species determines what it will evolve into) upon getting a critical success:


“New Romulus: Isha Forest Epohh Collection”[]

Basic Species Evolves into New Romulus marks (elders)
Forest 200
Yellow 400
Mountain 200
Black 400
River 200
Purple 400
Ruins 200
White 400

Q's Winter Wonderland[]

Basic Species Evolves into Choice of marks (elders)
Candy Striper 100
Candy Striper with Earmuffs 200
P'Epohh-mint 100
P'Epohh-mint with Bow 200
Snow 100
Snow with Bow 200
Gumdrop 100
Gumdrop with Bow 200
Sugar Plum 100
Sugar Plum with Bow 200
Lime 100
Extreme Lime (Critical on Tags, Pup or Moppet) 200
Extreme Lime Rare (Critical on Adult) 400 (Will sometimes bug and reward 200 instead)
Cherry 100
Wild Cherry (Critical on Tags, Pup or Moppet) 200
Wild Cherry Rare (Critical on Adult) 400
Rainbow 100? 200?
Evolved Rainbow 200? 400?


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