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The Escort Bridges are available to all players in command of an Escort class vessel. They are straightforward and utilitarian.

  • All four bridges, in testing with twelve Bridge Officers in the player's line-up, seated six bridge officers.
  • None of the Escort bridges feature a Master Systems Display.


Wide Shot.
The Strategic bridge in wide angle.
Facing forward from the very aft. The aft console bay.
The Strategic bridge view from the aft. The Strategic Bridge's aft bay.


Wide Shot
The Victory bridge in wide angle
Victory High Aft.jpg Victory Wide Fore.jpg
The Victory bridge from the aft. The Victory bridge fore in wide angle.


The Defiant bridge's lay-out differs somewhat from that of the Strategic, Victory and Vivid bridge, primarily in the wider fore console setup.

Though it is named for the Defiant, this bridge is not an exact replica of the bridge of the Defiant-class escort U.S.S. Defiant.

Facing Fore
The Defiant bridge's unique forward consoles.
Facing Aft Aft Bay
Facing aft on the Defiant bridge. Glory shot of the Defiant aft bay.


The Vivid wide-shot
Wide Angle shot of the Vivid bridge, facing fore
Vivid Aft.jpg Vivid Consoles.jpg
The Vivid bridge, facing aft. The Vivid bridge's representative side consoles.