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FederationEthan Burgess
Military Rank:
Critter Rank 4 icon.png
Mission giver
Intelligence operative
Voiced by:
Jon St. Jon

Commander Ethan Burgess is a Starfleet Intelligence officer working with Admiral Quinn on operations on the Klingon front in 2409.

Ethan grew up in London, which is also reflected in his British accent. He decided to join Starfleet after the Breen attack on Earth in 2375, as he realized that no place, not even Earth, is safe without people protecting it.

Missions given[]

  • FED “Secret Orders”: Burgess assigns his aide Lieutenant VanZyl to the player's ship, which has been ordered to investigate Ambassador B'vat's research facility in the Briar Patch.
  • FED “The Doomsday Device”: Following up on the mission in the Briar Patch, Burgess once again assigns his aide Lieutenant VanZyl to the player's ship in order to find out more about B'vat's new "Doomsday weapon". Upon learning that it is a Planet Killer, the player contacts Burgess and Quinn, who then send all available ships to assist.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Battle at the Binary Stars”: Burgess introduces and guides a team of Alliance officers through a simulation depicting the namesake battle.
  • ALL “Synth Wave”: Burgess introduces and guides a team of Alliance officers through a simulation depicting the 2385 Synth attack on Mars.

Missions formerly involved[]


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