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An Exchange is a terminal or vendor type facility available at various locations throughout the galaxy, typically at major space stations, that allows players to sell and buy items to and from other players.

Items are placed from the inventory into the Exchange for sale. Once a price in Energy Credits is selected, the item is listed. Other players can then search for the item using keywords or browse for the item through categories, and purchase the item. The credits are immediately transferred when an item is sold and a notification sent to the seller via the in game mail system. Up to 40 items can be put on the exchange per character.

Note that Bound items cannot be sold in the Exchange.

Items placed for sale on the exchange remain up for a maximum of 72 hours, at which point they are mailed back to the seller. The maximum number of auctions that a player can have active on the Exchange at any given time is 40. This limit is reduced by one for every returned auction email that is in the player’s mailbox. To get your items back you have to go to a mail terminal (Earth Spacedock or others). There is no cost to place items on the exchange.

Maximum price of each item on the exchange is 1,500,000,000 Energy Credits. It is not possible to post item for sale above the exchange EC limit.

Search options[edit | edit source]

Players you can drag items from your inventory to the search text field to fill it with the item's name. As well as being able to search for strings of text (though no wildcards or other modifiers are present at this time) you can also search by:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Many consumables and rank-less items can only be searched with no Quality modifier, regardless of what quality the icon shows, including common items.
  • On any search, a maximum of 400 results will be shown. If there are more than 400 items for sale that match the search criteria, the least expensive (total cost, regardless of stack size) will be shown.
  • The exchange has a limit to the maximum number of items that it can search through, if there are too many items on the exchange it will search, categorically until it reaches maximum. This can result in searches without modifiers producing 0 results. Setting a Rank, Category, or Quality will reduce the number of items it has to search and alleviate the issue.

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