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Experimental Ship Upgrade Token
Epic Inventory
This token is used to unlock additional capabilities on your T5-U or T6 Starships.

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Value: 0 Energy credit icon
Experimental Ship Upgrade Token icon
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Experimental Ship Upgrade Token can be used on the Tier 5-U and Tier 6 starships to upgrade them to Tier 5-X and Tier 6-X status, respectively.

This unlocks one additional device slot, a universal console slot, and one additional starship trait slot on the starship of choice. An “-X” designation will also be appended to the current class name, for example a Fleet Avenger Battlecruiser (T6) would become a Fleet Battlecruiser [T6-X].

As with the Starship Upgrade Requisitions, Experimental Ship Upgrades are applied account-wide, allowing other copies of that ship to be upgraded to experimental status for free. Unlike T5-U upgrades, however, upgrading the non-fleet version of a T5-U or T6 ship will not automatically upgrade the fleet version, nor vice versa; a separate Experimental Upgrade Token is needed.

T6-X Upgrade

Upgrade UI for the T6 Tucker-class Tactical Miracle Worker Cruiser.

In order to apply this token, you must be at a Ship Selector available in most social zones, generally near the Ship and Shuttle Requisitions vendor. Navigate to your ship's Starship Mastery status window to perform the upgrade.

Acquisition[ | ]

They can be purchased at the Zen Store for 1000Zen small icon for one, or 2000Zen small icon for three, and these can be traded or sold to other players, so they may be found on the exchange under the "Starship Upgrade" tab. They may also be purchased from the Phoenix Prize Pack during the Phoenix Prize Pack special events, though Experimental Ship Upgrade Tokens purchased from the Phoenix store are bound to your account.

One was made available for free to all players (bound to account) for the week following its October 6, 2020 launch with Season Twenty-one: House Shattered on PC, and subsequent launch on console, with additional free upgrades to be released at a later date, tied to events, bundles, etc.

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