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Ayala System
Kassae Sector
Map of Facility 4028 interior

Facility 4028 is a mysterious Federation holding facility located in the Ayala System of the Beta Quadrant.

It is a high security facility manned by holograms led by the Warden and controlled by the I.S.I.S. (Inmate Security and Information System) software.


As of 2409, the persons incarcerated at Facility 4028 included:

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Facility 4028”: The player visits Facility 4028 with Weyoun to free the Female Changeling. A group of Jem'Hadar loyal to Kar'ukan free the other prisoners, and the player must fight their way out of the facility.
  • ALL “Survivor”: At the end, Sela is interned at Facility 4028 and receives a visit from Data.
  • ALL “Storm Clouds Gather” (mentioned only): Weyoun references his previous meeting with the player at Facility 4028, and Odo comments how he would like to see Quark in the facility.

Other involvement[]

  • "Season 5 Dev Blog #27": Doctor Philia Fer of Starfleet Medical sends a series of messages to Franklin Drake. Fer has declined Drake's request for recordings of counseling sessions with the Female Changeling held at Facility 4028; later, the requested information is sent to Drake from an unknown source. Further, Doctor Fer is described as "no longer a concern," and it is suggested that she may be transferred to Elba II.
  • Duty Officer Assignment chain: Facility 4028 Fugitives: The Federation and the Klingon Empire conduct covert operations to re-capture some of the Facility 4028 fugitives.



  • The uniforms and equipment used by the holograms staffing Facility 4028 are very similar to that of the M.A.C.O. Armor players can obtain.
  • Facility 2047, operational in the 23rd century, is likely a predecessor to 4028.

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