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This page covers governments/organizations. You may instead be looking for Race (species).

Factions are interstellar states or associations; often composed or dominated by a single race but sometimes consisting of thousands. Playable factions (such as Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force), are used by the player to create characters whereas most factions are only encountered by the player.

Note that a faction in gameplay terms may be slightly different in narrative terms (Starfleet is a playable faction in terms of gameplay, but is the defense arm of the Federation faction in narrative terms). Others factions are narratively part of a larger faction (i.e. Vulcan).

Faction Playable Species Capital world NPCs Memory Alpha
Faction Benthan.png Benthan Guard Yes Benthan Benthos NPCs, Starships Benthan
Faction Borg.png Borg Collective Yes Borg Unicomplex NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Borg Collective
Faction Breen.png Breen Confederacy Yes Breen Breen (planet) NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Breen Confederacy
Faction Cardassian.png Cardassian Union Yes Cardassian Cardassia NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Cardassian Union
Faction Cooperative.png The Cooperative Yes Liberated Borg NPCs, Starships Cooperative
Faction Cravic.png Cravic Yes Automated Personnel Unit NPCs, Starships Automated Personnel Unit
Faction Deferi.png Deferi Yes Deferi Defera NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Devidian.png Devidian Yes Devidian Devidia II NPCs, Ground forces Devidian
Faction Dominion.png Dominion Yes Changeling, Jem'Hadar,
Vorta, others
Empersa NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction DSC.png DSC Starfleet Yes Human, Vulcan Earth Starships
Faction Elachi.png Elachi Yes Elachi Subspace NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Fek'Ihri.png Fek'Ihri Horde Yes Fek'Ihri Gre'thor NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Ferengi.png Ferengi Alliance Yes Ferengi Ferenginar NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Ferengi Alliance
Faction Gorn.png Gorn Hegemony Yes Gorn Gornar NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Gorn Hegemony
Faction Hazari.png Hazari Yes Hazari NPCs, Starships Hazari
Faction Hierarchy.png Hierarchy Yes Overlooker NPCs, Starships Hierarchy
Faction Hirogen.png Hirogen Yes Hirogen NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Hur'q.png Hur'q Yes Hur'q, Attendant Havas-Kul NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Iconian.png Iconian Whole Yes Iconian, Herald Iconia NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Kazon.png Kazon sects Yes Kazon NPCs, Starships Kazon
Faction Kentari.png Kentari Union Yes Kentari New Kentar NPCs
Faction KDF.png Klingon Empire
(Klingon Defense Forces)
Yes Klingon Qo'noS NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Klingon Empire
Faction Klingon Empire Rebel.png Klingon Empire Rebel Yes Klingon Qo'noS NPCs, Starships
Faction Klingon 2256.png Klingon 2256 Yes Klingon Qo'noS NPCs, Starships
Faction Kobali.png Kobali Yes Kobali Kobali Prime NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Krenim.png Krenim Yes Krenim Kyana Prime NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Lukari.png Lukari Concordium Yes Lukari Lukar NPCs, Starships
Faction Malon.png Malon Yes Malon Malon Prime NPCs, Starships Malon
Faction Na'kuhl.png Na'kuhl Yes Na'kuhl NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Nausicaan.png Nausicaan Yes Nausicaan Nausicaa NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Ocampa.png Ocampa Yes Ocampa NPCs, Starships Ocampa
Faction Octanti.png Octanti Yes Octanti NPCs, Starships Octanti
Faction Orion.png Orion Syndicate Yes Orion Ter'jas Mor NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Pralor.png Pralor Yes Automated Personnel Unit NPCs, Starships Automated Personnel Unit
Faction Reman.png Reman Resistance Yes Reman Remus NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Romulan Republic.png Romulan Republic Yes Romulan, Reman New Romulus NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Romulan Star Empire.png Romulan Star Empire Yes Romulan, Reman Rator III NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Romulan Star Empire
Faction Son'a.png Son'a Yes Son'a Ba'ku NPCs Son'a
Faction Sphere Builders.png Sphere Builder Yes Tuterian NPCs, Starships Sphere-Builder
Faction Talaxian.png Talaxian Yes Talaxian New Talax NPCs, Starships Talaxian
Faction Terran Empire.png Terran Empire Yes Terran and others Earth NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Terran Empire
Faction Tholian.png Tholian Assembly Yes Tholian Tholia NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction FED23.png TOS Starfleet Yes Human, Vulcan,
Andorian, Tellarite
Earth Starships
Faction True Way.png True Way Alliance Yes Cardassian, Alpha Jem'Hadar Devos II NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
True Way
Faction Turei.png Turei Yes Turei NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Tzenkethi.png Tzenkethi Coalition Yes Tzenkethi Tzenketh NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Undine.png Undine Yes Undine Fluidic Space NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Species 8472
Faction FED25.png United Federation of Planets
Yes Human, Vulcan,
and many others
Earth NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
United Federation of Planets
Faction Vaadwaur.png Vaadwaur Supremacy Yes Vaadwaur Vaadwaur Prime NPCs, Starships Vaadwaur
Faction Vorgon.png Vorgon Yes Vorgon NPCs, Starships Vorgon
Faction Voth.png Voth Yes Voth NPCs, Starships
Ground forces
Faction Vulcan.png Vulcan Yes Vulcan Vulcan (planet) NPCs, Starships
Ground forces

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