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Numerous items in Star Trek Online can only be obtained by players of a certain Faction.

Exclusivity Legend:

  • Faction FED25.png Federation
  • Faction FED25.pngFaction Romulan Republic.png Federation and Federation-aligned Romulan
  • Faction KDF.png Klingon Empire
  • Faction KDF.pngFaction Romulan Republic.png Klingon Empire and Klingon-aligned Romulan
  • Faction Romulan Republic.png Romulan Republic (either alignment)

Ground equipment[edit | edit source]

Space equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Many Carrier Pets are restricted to one or two of the factions.
  • Many Universal Consoles are restricted to one or two of the factions; see the List of Universal Consoles for details.
  • Playable starships differ by faction: Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic players have their own starships at each tier. Romulan captains may also requisition non-endgame tier starships from their chosen faction ally. A large number of cross-faction starships exist, however.
    • Tier 6 ships come with Starship traits, several of which are exclusive to one faction due to the other factions not having a counterpart ship. For a list of these, see Faction-Specific Starship Traits. However a new tab was added into the Dilithium Store called "Account-wide Starship trait unlocks" so now faction-restricted traits now longer exist. Also a few Lockboxes have "starship trait packs" click here for an example: Kelvin Timeline Lock Box.

Starships[edit | edit source]

Starships are generally split into two groups: those that can be flown by Federation-aligned characters, and those that can be flown by Klingon Empire-aligned characters. Thus, most Federation and Klingon Empire starships can also be flown by their Romulan Republic and Dominion allies, and vice versa. A few exceptions exist, listed below.

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