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This page is for the NPC ship. For the playable starship, see Falchion Dreadnought Warbird.

The Falchion-class Dreadnought is a variant of the Scimitar Dreadnought used by the Romulan Republic in 2409. They are equipped with a wide range of plasma weaponry and can launch Elite Scorpion Fighters. Unlike the Scimitar, the Falchion class does not appear to be equipped with thalaron weaponry.



Hull strength[]

Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
21 120,358
24 141,269

Missions involved[]


  • The Falchion-class was added to the game on July 2, 2013, at the same time as the playable version. They briefly used the pre-Legacy of Romulus appearance of the I.R.W. Leahval before being remodeled to the current appearance.
  • The Scimitar, Tulwar and Falchion variants are all named after types of swords.
  • Prior to the addition of the “Republic Day” mission, the R.R.W. Lleiset was a Falchion-class vessel, but has since been changed to a Tulwar-class ship.


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