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Mission contact
Voiced by:
Stella Quinn

Farek is a female Ferengi and commander of the D'Kora class starship The Krannek. She operates in the Gamma Quadrant as trader.


  • To escape prejudices, Farek left Ferenginar to seek business opportunities elsewhere.
  • Farek had business with partners in the Bolian Sector until there was a disagreement. The Ferengi Commerce Authority revoked her license.
  • With The Krannek, Farek moved to the Gamma Quadrant and began salvage operations, albeit without the Dominion's permission.
  • She traded with the Wadi and Karemma and knew how to get into the Dosi System undetected.
  • In 2409 Farek deals with a variety of merchandise and claims to have a high ranking Vorta friend within the Dominion.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Temporal Ambassador”: In an alternate timeline, Farek is a merchant working for the Tholian Assembly at a base in the Azure Nebula.
  • ALL “The New Link”: Temporal Recruits discover a message to the Na'kuhl from Farek, who has been gathering intelligence about the Vorgons, whom the Na'kuhl are interested in recruiting.
  • ALL “Second Wave”: Temporal Agents uncover a message left by Farek for the Na'kuhl to find. She has gathered intelligence on the Vorgons, as the Na'kuhl are interested in recruiting them.
  • ALL “Operation Gamma”: The Krannek is hiding within an asteroid, protected by a force field, in the Idran System. The player strikes a deal with Farek: salvaging cargo in the system while The Krannek makes repairs in return for enabling contact with the Dominion. Once Farek has the cargo, The Krannek charges resonance pulses at the cosmozoan Idran Swarmers, and she warps out. However, the Dominion catches her. Weyoun parlays with the player: for the Vorta to cooperate, The Krannek has to be destroyed. Farek's fate is determined by the player. Temporal Recruits recover a message from Farek, who transmitted data to the Na'kuhl through a Gamma Quadrant comm array. Farek was forced to hide from the Jem'Hadar during her search for the Vorgons, and filed a litany of complaints about fees, damages, and hazard pay.


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