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For the playable version, see Concorde, Presidio, and Geneva Command Battlecruiser.
Federation Federation Battlecruiser
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The Federation Battlecruiser is a line of advanced battleships used by Starfleet. In addition to the latest state-of-the-art systems and equipment, the ships hold a hangar for launching Peregrine-class Fighters.



Missions encountered[]


Federation Battlecruisers can spawn in any encounter involving one or more Federation battleships. Each one is labelled according to its class by default.


Vessels of the Class[]

Image Class Named Vessels
Concordecbc.jpg Concorde-class U.S.S. Concorde (default)
Genevacbc.jpg Geneva-class U.S.S. Bern
U.S.S. Geneva (default)
U.S.S. Keller
U.S.S. Nelson
Presidiocbc.jpg Presidio-class U.S.S. Presidio (default)
Random U.S.S. DeWitt


  • The Federation Battlecruiser was added to the game in the Delta Rising expansion alongside the playable Concorde, Presidio, and Geneva Command Battlecruisers. It has largely replaced the older Typhoon-class battleship.
  • The 3D holographic traffic control display of ships orbiting Earth Space Dock, located in the administration section of Earth Space Dock, near Captain Sulu, show a Presidio Class starship, the USS Alameda, identified as an "Assault Flag Battlecruiser".

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