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The following article or section describes content only available on XBOX One and PlayStation 4.

The Federation Pack, also known as the Starfleet Pack, is a Federation-only Zen Store bundle available for 4000 Zen small icon.png. It is also available as part of the buy-two-get-one-free All Faction Mega Bundle/Final Frontier Bundle for 8000 Zen small icon.png.

Contents[edit | edit source]

What's included in the pack, and the price of purchasing them individually:

Purchasing these items individually would cost 9,150 Zen small icon.png. The C-Store versions of the Borg Bridge Officer and Sehlat Cub are for a single character on your account, so the more characters you have, the better deal this is, as they may be claimed on every character on your account once you purchase the Federation Pack, at 800 Zen small icon.png per character.

Note: Due to the inclusion of the T1 Light Escort and T6 Tactical Escort, purchasing this pack will prevent you from purchasing the Enterprise Era Pack and the T6 Cross Faction Escort Bundle [T6]. You will need to purchase the other contents of those packs separately.

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