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DominionFemale Changeling
Military Rank:
Death year:
Voiced by:
Salome Jens

The Female Changeling is a Changeling captured by Starfleet in 2375.


The Female Changeling is a Changeling, and as one of the Founders, led the Dominion forces during the Dominion War. At the end of 2375, she surrendered to the Federation Alliance. On stardate 56867.84 (2379), the Female Changeling is tried for crimes against sentient beings in the Dominion War and sentenced to a facility at Ananke Alpha.


Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
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Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Facility 4028”: The player retrieves the Female Changeling from the prison, but Kar'ukan arrives to receive her blessing. She instead condemns him for failing to arrive during the Dominion War, and Kar'ukan goes rogue and tries to capture her and kill everyone else in the facility. The Female Changeling escapes on the player's ship.
  • ALL “Boldly They Rode”: The Female Changeling contacts DS9 and orders Loriss to stand down and return to the Gamma Quadrant. Loriss complies, but Kar'ukan refuses to listen to either of them. She then gives the player an Environmental Suit and transports him/her to DS9. After the defeat of Kar'ukan, she leads Loriss and her forces back "home" to the Gamma Quadrant.
  • ALL “Of Signs and Portents”: After the player, Kuumaarke, and Rodek disarm a Protomatter bomb in the Jod'Cor System, the Female Changeling, disguised as Tzenkethi Admiral Aarn Tzen-Tarrak, confronts them in space. She states that the system has been claimed by the Tzenkethi Coalition, and that further aggression will not be tolerated. When the player refuses to honor this claim, the Changeling and the Tzenkethi forces attack. When her vessel is disabled in the ensuing battle, "Tzen-Tarrak" warns the player to test the Tzenkethi at their peril, and warps away.
  • ALL “Scylla and Charybdis”: As Tzen-Tarrak, the Female Changeling leads a Tzenkethi attack on Bajor, eventually surrendering to Alliance forces.
  • ALL “The Renegade's Regret”: Neth Parr, having defected to the Alliance, tells the player and Captain Geordi La Forge of the circumstances leading to her defection. These include her first mission as captain, during which she was ordered by "Tzen-Tarrak"/Female Changeling to eradicate the Drantzuli presence in the Eohk System, destroying the Eohki people with a protomatter bomb; a mission on Draconis III, during which he ordered her to to kill not only the inhabitants of the planet, but members of her own crew who had been sealed inside a temple; and a mission to Atosee Prime, during which the admiral elected to eliminate the planet's population, despite the fact that they had relocated all of the Drantzuli eggs to the planet's moon.
  • Dominion “Turn the Tide”: Odo sends the player's squad of Jem'Hadar to rescue "Tzen-Tarrak"/Female Changeling from the wrecked Tzenkethi battlestation, where she flees the scene in an escape shuttle.
  • ALL “The Search”: The player, along with Elim Garak, Odo, and Captain Kira Nerys, find the Female Changeling commanding a Jem'Hadar fleet at the Karemma homeworld, contrary to Odo's claims that his was the last remaining fleet the Dominion had. When questioned about this, the Female Changeling claims that her fleet was a defensive force intended to defend the core worlds of the Dominion.
  • ALL “Doomed to Repeat”: The Player and Odo again encounter the Female Changeling, this time guarding an abandoned facility deep in Dominion space. The Female Changeling states that access to the facility is restricted to all but the most senior of Founders and that Odo and his party lack permission to enter. She then orders her ships to open fire to disable the player's vessel, but is forced to flee when Garak arrives with a fleet of Cardassian warships. The player later discovers a series of log entries made by the Female Changeling documenting the creation of the Vorta, Jem'Hadar, and Fek'Ihri, as well as revealing the Dominion's role in transforming the Hur'q from a peaceful, intelligent race to mindless monsters bent on ravaging the galaxy.
  • ALL “Tenebris Torquent”: The female Changeling (disguised as Aarn Tzen-Tarrak), along with Weyoun, Loriss, Dukan'Rex, and a couple other Jem'Hadar arrive on Havas-Kul after the player, Doctor Bashir, and Garak discover that the Dominion was, unquestionably, the reason for the Hur'q regressing to mindless monsters. She explains that the Hur'q were perfect candidates for soldiers, but their peaceful nature was an obstacle. The fungus was the key to that, and she personally extracted it from the ecosystem. Her intention was that the Hur'q be faced with the choice of obeying or dying; she hadn't planned on them going mad. She was able to control them to the extent of pointing them in the direction of her enemies, but little else. After Odo reveals himself, she also admits that there were other Founders who knew the truth about the Hur'q at one point, and that they tried to expose the truth to the Link, but she had them eliminated. She orders everyone (including Odo) executed, but Garak reveals a modified Hur'q lure that he has placed on the Founder homeworld and activates it. The Hur'q Mutant then appears and impales her on one of its claws, then presumably kills her with a sonic blast. However, Dukan'Rex is seen scanning her remains before beam-out.
  • ALL “The Measure of Morality (Part 1)”: The Female Changeling appears as an Excalbian simulacrum.

Missions mentioned[]

Other involvement[]

  • "Season 5 Dev Blog #27": Doctor Philia Fer of Starfleet Medical sends a series of messages to Franklin Drake. Fer has declined Drake's request for recordings of counseling sessions with the Female Changeling held at Facility 4028; later, the requested information is sent to Drake from an unknown source.
  • "A Divided Duty": The Tzenkethi starship Fearless arrives at Kzuuln-5. The crystals the Tzenkethi are seeking have been detected on the planet, and it has therefore been marked for destruction. "Admiral Tzen-Tarrak's" science officer, Prult, raises objections to the assignment, as the primitive culture on the planet is attempting to contact them with messages of peace. Tzen-Tarrak ultimately relieves Prult of duty in order to ensure the mission proceeds as planned. Prult attacks the security guards escorting him through the ship, and rushes to the weapons bay to destroy the protomatter bomb. He believes he has succeeded, but discovers that the bomb was a decoy arranged by Tzen-Tarrak, who had anticipated some of his officers having second thoughts about their mission. Tzen-Tarrak executes Prult, and orders the bridge to resume their mission.
  • "The Missing Link": Nuno, a Founder, returns home with his ship and crew from a five-year Dominion exploration mission. Before he can rejoin the Great Link, he learns that the Dominion is at war with the Hur'q. Accessing a console, Nuno realizes that while the Dominion has officially maintained that the war is going well, far fewer vessels are returning from their deployments than are sent out. He is met by the Female Changeling and Odo; the Female Changeling tells him that the members of the Link are not to be "troubled" with the details of the war. Agreeing to keep the secret, Nuno decides not to rejoin the Link. Privately, Odo asks Nuno to tell him everything he has learned about the state of the war.


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