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KlingonFerasa Prime

FerasaPrime HD2.png

Native Species:
Ferasa System
Ferasa Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Ferasa Prime is the homeworld of the Ferasans and the original homeworld of the Caitians.

800 years ago, a eugenics program aimed at creating Augments and involving Ferasan Nepeta Leaves as psychotropic triggers leads to a split of the civilization of Ferasa. While the augmented Ferasans prevail, the non-augmented Caitians retreat to a new homeworld outside Ferasan space. (Assignment chain: Caitian Diaspora)

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Ferasa is also the Caitian name of the planet Cait, the planet they eventually settled on after their diaspora. In STO, the Ferasan homeworld is referred to as Ferasa Prime to distinguish it from the Caitian name for their homeworld.
  • Ferasa Prime as well as the Ferasa System and Ferasa Sector were added to the game on January 26, 2017 alongside Season Twelve: Reckoning.

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