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Ferenginar from orbit

Alpha Quadrant

Ferenginar is the home world of the Ferengi and capital of the Ferengi Alliance. The planet is known for its humid climate and almost constant rainfall.

In 2386, protests rocked the capital of Ferenginar after Grand Nagus Rom used tax proceeds to start free schools.

Missions involved[]

  • “Undine Assault”: In early 2410, Ferenginar is one of several worlds targeted for destruction by the Undine, who deploy a Planet Killer in orbit. Assisted by a player task force, Ferengi vessels are able to thwart the attack and destroy the planet killer. In exchange for some extra latinum from the task force, the Ferengi are even willing to intensify their defenses...


  • While it is not mentioned anywhere in Star Trek lore or in the game itself, the Ferenginar System is displayed in sector space with Ferenginar being its only planet.

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