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Fleet Credit icon
Common icon
Currencies Fleet Credit
1 Fleet mark Fleet Marks 50 Fleet Credits
1 Dilithium Refined dilithium icon 1 Fleet Credits
25 Expertise Expertise icon 1 Fleet Credits
Duty Officers
Non-civilian (departmental) 150 Fleet Credits
Non-civilian (departmental) 300 Fleet Credits
Non-civilian (departmental) 500 Fleet Credits
Non-civilian (departmental) 1000 Fleet Credits
Non-civilian (specialization) 300 Fleet Credits
Non-civilian (specialization) 600 Fleet Credits
Non-civilian (specialization) 1000 Fleet Credits
Non-civilian (specialization) 2000 Fleet Credits
Duty officer (rarity) 250 Fleet Credits
Civilian (departmental) 250 Fleet Credits
Colonist, Prisoner 100 Fleet Credits
Terraforming Systems icon (1200 Energy credit icon) 12 Fleet Credits
Seismic Stabilizers icon (1000 Energy credit icon) 10 Fleet Credits
Industrial Replicators iconSelf Sealing Stem Bolts iconWarp Coils icon (800 Energy credit icon) 8 Fleet Credits
Weather Control Systems icon (600 Energy credit icon) 6 Fleet Credits
Antigens iconAstrometric Probes iconEntertainment Provisions iconIndustrial Energy Cells iconWater Purification Systems icon (400 Energy credit icon) 4 Fleet Credits
Communication Arrays icon (200 Energy credit icon) 2 Fleet Credits
Medical Supplies iconProvisions iconShield Generators icon (100 Energy credit icon) 1 Fleet Credits
Contraband iconJevonite iconBateret Incense iconFerasan Nepeta Leaves iconTulaberries iconUnrefined Ketracel iconShapeshifting Lockets icon 250 Fleet Credits
Andorian Sleigh Bells iconBajoran Gratitude Beads iconBolian Candles iconTarg Fur Earmuffs iconTerran Holiday Ornament iconVulcan Meditation Incense icon 10 Fleet Credits
Colony Battery Provisions iconColony Luxury Provisions iconColony Ore Provisions icon Colony Provisions 3.3 Fleet Credits
Data sample 10 Fleet Credits
Particle trace 100 Fleet Credits
Batteries: Shields Battery iconWeapons Battery iconEngine Battery iconAuxiliary Battery icon 2 Fleet Credits
[Large Power Cell] 3 Fleet Credits
[Device - Heavy Phaser Satellite Turret]
[Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret]
33 Fleet Credits
[Peregrine Fighter] (3325 Energy credit icon)
[To'Duj Fighter] (4150 Energy credit icon)
33 Fleet Credits
[Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk I] (541 Energy credit icon) 5 Fleet Credits
[Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk III] (2162 Energy credit icon) 20 Fleet Credits
[Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk V] (4324 Energy credit icon) 40 Fleet Credits
[Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk VII] (6486 Energy credit icon) 60 Fleet Credits
[Romulan Ale] 2 Fleet Credits
[Dosi Rotgut] 6 Fleet Credits
[Embassy Provisions] 0 Fleet Credits
[Bridge Officer Candidate] 1250 Fleet Credits
[Bridge Officer Candidate] 2500 Fleet Credits

Introduced in Season 6, Fleet Credits are the main form of currency for purchasing Fleet items and ships unlocked by the Fleet Advancement System.

Earning[ | ]

Fleet members earn Fleet Credits by contributing to projects for their starbase. The amount a player receives depends on the type and quantity of contribution (see table). The Fleet Credits earned remain with a player, even after leaving and/or joining another fleet. Each character is limited to having 10,000,000 Fleet Credits. If you meet or exceed the limit, you will not earn anymore Fleet Credits until you drop below the limit.

The members of large fleets can generate additional Fleet Credits by running special projects. These take 30 minutes to run and grant only a small amount of starbase XP but have large requirements, thereby ensuring the possibility to contribute, and thus to earn Fleet Credits, for a larger number of members.

Similar to Skill Point Boosts and Commendation Experience Boosts sold in the Zen Store, any [ Lock Box] may contain a Fleet Credit Boost. It will improve a fleet member's fleet credit earnings by 20% until the bonus pool of either 25,000 or 5,000 is depleted.

Spending[ | ]

Fleet Credits can be spent at the Operations Quartermaster near the Command Center/Central Plaza of the Fleet's starbase - among various other places, including different Holdings - for a variety of Mk XII equipment, consumable items (skill boosts and operational assets), or at any shipyard for a Tier 5/6 fleet ship. 20% Fleet Mark boosts (usable for up to 100 Fleet Marks per boost) are available for 15,000 Fleet Credits each.

The Personnel Officer also sells Fleet Duty Officers with special abilities that can not be obtained elsewhere. These duty officers grant no dilithium or Recruitment XP when dismissed. These are unlocked and become available for the following costs (with respective upgrades):

Rarity Any Type Tactical/Security Engineering/Operations Science/Medical
Common 500 Fleet Credits
(Starbase I)
750 Fleet Credits
(Shipyard II)
750 Fleet Credits
(Industrial Fabricator II)
750 Fleet Credits
(Communications Array II)
Uncommon 5,000 Fleet Credits
(Starbase II)
7,500 Fleet Credits
(Shipyard III)
7,500 Fleet Credits
(Industrial Fabricator III)
7,500 Fleet Credits
(Communications Array III)
Rare 10,000 Fleet Credits
(Starbase III)
15,000 Fleet Credits
(Shipyard IV)
15,000 Fleet Credits
(Industrial Fabricator IV)
15,000 Fleet Credits
(Communications Array IV)
Very Rare 25,000 Fleet Credits
(Starbase IV)
37,500 Fleet Credits
(Shipyard V)
37,500 Fleet Credits
(Industrial Fabricator V)
37,500 Fleet Credits
(Communications Array V)

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Arc point icon Arc PointsEnergy credit icon Energy CreditsFederation and Klingon players can obtain Refined Dilithium only from refining the ore or selling zen on the dilithium exchange system. It is not tradable. DilithiumPlayers can obtain Gold-Pressed Latinum from playing Dabo at Drozana Station, Deep Space Nine or playable Ferengi starships. It is also available from the various duty officer assignments, Ferengi Admiralty assignments or from turning in Holiday Collectibles during Winter Event at the GPL Conversion Unit. Gold-Pressed Latinum can be used for various duty officer assignments, purchasing special items such as Trophies, Holo Emitters, costumes and emotes. It is not tradable. Gold-Pressed LatinumPlayers can obtain Lobi Crystals only from opening lock boxes or various promotional pack offers at the Zen Store.Not tradable. Lobi CrystalsPlayers can obtain Zen, the only currency usable in cash shop from purchasing zen with real money or exchanging refined dilithium on the dilithium exchange system. It is not tradable. ZenSalvage
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