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Faction FED25.png Federation Fleet Embassy


New Romulus
Azure Sector
Faction KDF.png Klingon Fleet Embassy


New Romulus
Azure Sector

The fleet embassy is a fleet holding located on New Romulus. The Embassy provides the same amenities as the Fleet Starbase, including mail, exchange, and bank terminals as well as the “Embassy Officer of the Watch” daily mission.

Getting there[]

There are three ways to get to the embassy. From the New Romulus system (space map), choose the option to beam down to embassy. While at the New Romulus staging area (ground map), entrance is upstairs, behind the Spock's memorial, marked on the map with a red rhombus. This will take you to the embassy's main area, from which you can take a nearby turbolift to either Ops or Shuttlebay.

Alternatively, at the Fleet Starbase transporter room, choose the "Talk to Transporter Operator" option which is available only while standing at the transporter platform. Answer with "Transwarp to Other Fleet Holdings", and "Take Shuttle to Fleet Embassy", which takes you to the embassy's Shuttlebay.

Embassy locations[]

There are three levels, or floors, within the Embassy, all of them accessible via a turbolift.


The Lobby is the first level of the Fleet Embassy, and is where players spawn into once entering the Embassy. The Lobby contains the Officer of the Watch, a mail terminal, access to an operations room via stairwells on port and starboard, a pair of doors to allow access to New Romulus, and a turbolift to allow access to the rest of the Embassy.

  • Exit to New Romulus (north)
  • Officer of the Watch (center) - gives “Embassy Officer of the Watch”
  • Bank console (west-center) - requires Tier 3 embassy
  • Mail console (south-center) - requires Tier 1 embassy
  • Exchange console (east-center) - requires Tier 2 embassy
  • Bartender (east, in Diplomatic Facilities) - requires Tier 3 embassy
  • Chef (east, in Diplomatic Facilities) - requires Tier 3 embassy


A Klingon Fleet Embassy's Operations deck.

The Operations room is the second level of the embassy - essentially a large circular room with an inset area below the main deck.

  • Requisition Bridge Officers console (southwest) - requires Recruitment Facilities 1
  • Contact Federation Recruiter [Personnel Officer] (southeast)
  • Requisition Duty Officer (southeast) - requires Recruitment Facilities 1
  • Requisition Operational Assets (east) - requires Diplomatic Facilities 1
  • Contact Tailor [Console] (northeast) - requires project unlocked from Tier 3 embassy


A Federation Fleet Embassy's Shuttlebay.

The Shuttlebay is the third level of the Fleet Embassy.

  • Shuttle to Fleet Starbase (west) - requires project unlocked from Tier 2 embassy
  • Requisition Ground Equipment console (Romulan Kits) (southeast) - requires Recruitment Facilities 1
  • Requisition Consumables console (consumables, commodities, duty officer assignment slots) (east) - requires Recruitment Facilities 1
  • Requisition Space Equipment console (Science Consoles) (northeast) - requires Diplomatic Facilities 1

Missions involved[]


See also: List of embassy projects

Embassy projects can be accessed through the Embassy filter in the Holdings tab of the Fleet panel.

The Embassy projects are designed to take less time and resources to complete, as opposed to the resource-intensive Fleet Starbase Projects. Also, instead of the three Starfleet tracks present in the Fleet Starbase advancement process, only two tracks (Diplomacy and Recruitment) are present in the Fleet Embassy advancement process.

  • Unlocking higher Diplomacy tiers will grant access to Romulan weapons and equipment, provide upgrades to the Embassy's appearance, while also providing provisionable rewards such as Romulan themed Operational Assets, Romulan Distress Signals, and new, top of the line Science consoles.
  • Unlocking higher Recruitment tiers will grant upgrades to the Embassy's appearance, as well as provide provisionable rewards such as a Romulan Bridge Officer, updatedkits , Romulan Duty Officers, and several Duty Officer Assignment slot upgrades.

Tier requirements and rewards[]

Tier Embassy Diplomacy
Diplomatic Facilities
Recruitment Facilities
Tier I
1,000 Embassy XP
  • New Officer of the Watch Daily Mission
8,500 Embassy Diplomacy XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Equipment: (Ultra-Rare) Threat-Scaling Science Consoles Mk X
  • Operational Asset: Fleet Bird of Prey Reinforcements
  • Ground Consumable: Small Psionic Pacifier
8,500 Embassy Recruit XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
Tier II
3,000 Embassy XP
  • Exchange Access
  • New Officer of the Watch Mission
New Construction Projects
  • Discount Commodity Broker
  • Inter-Fleet Shuttle: Allow Fleet members to travel directly to the Fleet Starbase interior from the Embassy interior.
25,500 Embassy Diplomacy XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Equipment: (Ultra-Rare) Threat-Scaling Science Consoles Mk XI
  • Operational Asset: Fleet D'deridex Reinforcements
  • Operational Asset: Fleet Mogai Reinforcements
  • Ground Consumable: Medium Psionic Pacifier
25,500 Embassy Recruit XP
  • +1 Duty Officer Assignment Slot (Purchase at Consumables Vendor in Shuttlebay)
  • Romulan Fleet Duty Officer Recruitment Contact (Unique Blue Officers)
New Provisioned Requisitions
Tier III
6,000 Embassy XP
  • New Officer of the Watch Mission
New Construction Projects
  • Personal Tailor Contact (Also includes Unique Costume Unlock)
  • Specialty Consumable Broker (Unique Devices for Ground and Space)
59,500 Embassy Diplomacy XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
59,500 Embassy Recruit XP
New Provisioned Requisitions

List of Fleet holdings
Image Name (Added) Departments Tiers Purchasable item category Location
Fleet Starbases.jpg Starbase
(July 12, 2012)
5 Ship Weapons, Deflectors, Engines, Shields, Elite Carrier Pets;
Ground Weapons, Body Armor, Personal Shields, Skill Boosts, Operational Assets
Aldebaran Faction FED25.png
& Archanis Faction KDF.png Sectors
Fleet Embassy interior.jpg Embassy
(November 13, 2012)
3 Weapon Signature Nullifiers and Amplifiers
Romulan Kit Frames and Modules, Consumables, DOff Assignment Slots
Romulan Bridge Officers and Duty Officers
New Romulus
Fleet Dilithium Mine.jpg Dilithium Mine
(June 20, 2013)
3 Fleet Warp Cores, Fleet Singularity Cores and Miner DOffs
Advanced Engineering Armor Consoles/Advanced Engineering RCS Consoles
Bajor Sector
Fleet Spire.jpg Spire
(November 12, 2013)
3 Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Cores, Fleet Thoron-Infused Singularity Cores
Advanced Tactical Vulnerability Consoles, Spire Hangar Pets, Voth duty officers
Spire Experimental and Prototype Kit Frames and Modules
Solanae Dyson Sphere
Fleet Research Lab.jpg Research Lab
(July 16, 2015)
3 Versatile Kit Frames and Profession-Specific Modules
Strategic Secondary Deflectors, Particle Focuser Science Consoles
Additional slots for traits and R&D projects, Krenim BOffs and DOffs
Alsuran Sector
K-13.jpg K-13
(October 25, 2016)
3 23rd Century Ground Weapons, Space Weapons
23rd Century BOffs, DOffs, Training Manuals, Kit Modules
Trait Enhancements, Xenotech Engineering Consoles
Draconis Sector
DranuurColony.png Colony World
(October 3, 2017)
Renewable Energy
5 Lukari & Kentari Themed Ground Weapons, Personal Shields, Armor, Space Weapons
Protomatter Matrix Infuser Tactical Consoles; Protomatter Warp Cores, Singularity Cores
Deflectors, Secondary Deflectors, and Engines; Channeling Ship Shields
Lukari/Kentari Boffs, Kit Frames, Kit Modules & Training Manuals
Dranuur System