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Cross-FactionFleet Research Lab
Fleet Research Lab
Alsuran Sector
Delta Quadrant

Fleet Research Lab Sector Map

The Fleet Research Lab is a fleet holding located in the Alsuran Sector of the Delta Quadrant. It is operated jointly with the Krenim and provides similar amenities as the Fleet Starbase, including mail, exchange, and bank terminals.

Research Lab Locations[ | ]

Exterior[ | ]

The Exterior of the research lab is enhanced through the Research lab Tier development. There are 3 Tiers:

  1. Tier 0 - Resembles a simple pylon base with no extended bridge
  2. Tier 1 - The extended platform is under construction
  3. Tier 2 - The extended platform continues to develop
  4. Tier 3 - The extended platform is completed in a circular shape protruding from the base

Interior[ | ]

Identical to nearby Kyana Research Station, the Fleet Research Lab is subdivided into four sections:

  • Central area
  • Research area
  • Development area
  • Conference area

Advancement[ | ]

See also: List of research lab projects

Instead of the three Starfleet tracks present in the Fleet Starbase advancement process, only two tracks (Research and Development) are present in the Fleet Research Lab advancement process.

  • Unlocking higher Research tiers will grant access to provisionable rewards: Strategic Secondary Deflectors, Profession-Specific Kit Modules and Krenim Researcher Duty Officers
  • Unlocking higher Development tiers will grant access to provisionable rewards: Particle Focuser Science Consoles, Versatile Kit Frames, and allow access to daily R&D tasks as well as Investigative R&D Duty Officer Assignments.

Tier requirements and rewards[ | ]

Tier Research Lab Research Development
Tier I
1,000 Research Lab XP
  • Lab Interior & Exterior Upgrades
  • Engineering and MedBay Facilities (Injury Repair)
Construction Projects
  • Fleet Transwarp to Research Lab
  • Weekly Fleet-Wide Buff Projects (Tier I)
8,500 Research Lab Research XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
8,500 Research Lab Development XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Investigative R&D Duty Officer Assignments (Tier 1)
Tier II
3,000 Research Lab XP
  • Interior and Exterior Upgrades
  • Mail Access
Construction Projects
  • Shuttle between Research Lab and Starbase
  • Weekly Fleet-Wide Buff Projects (Tier II)
25,500 Research Lab Research XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Blue/Rare Krenim Researcher Duty Officer Requisitions
Construction Projects
  • Krenim Researcher Uniforms + Tailor Access
25,500 Reseach Lab Development XP
Tier III
6,000 Research Lab XP
New Construction Projects
  • Weekly Fleet-Wide Buff Projects (Tier III)
59,500 Research Lab Research XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Equipment: (Ultra-Rare) Strategic Secondary Deflectors Mk XII [+EnergyDmg]
59,500 Reseach Lab Development XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Equipment: (Very-Rare) Krenim Bridge Officer Requisitions

Note[ | ]

List of Fleet holdings
Image Name (Added) Departments Tiers Purchasable item category Location
Fleet Starbases Starbase
(July 12, 2012)
5 Ship Weapons, Deflectors, Engines, Shields, Elite Hangar Pets;
Ground Weapons, Body Armor, Personal Shields, Skill Boosts, Operational Assets
Aldebaran Sector Faction Federation
Archanis Sector Faction Klingon
Fleet Embassy interior Embassy
(November 13, 2012)
3 Weapon Signature Nullifiers and Amplifiers
Romulan Kit Frames and Modules, Consumables, DOff Assignment Slots
Embassy Bridge Officers and Duty Officers
New Romulus
Fleet Dilithium Mine Dilithium Mine
(June 20, 2013)
3 Fleet Warp Cores, Fleet Singularity Cores and Miner DOffs
Advanced Engineering Armor Consoles/Advanced Engineering RCS Consoles
Bajor Sector
Fleet Spire Spire
(November 12, 2013)
3 Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Cores, Fleet Thoron-Infused Singularity Cores
Advanced Tactical Vulnerability Consoles, Spire Hangar Pets, Voth duty officers
Spire Experimental and Prototype Kit Frames and Modules
Solanae Dyson Sphere
Fleet Research Lab Research Lab
(July 16, 2015)
3 Versatile Kit Frames and Profession-Specific Modules
Strategic Secondary Deflectors, Particle Focuser Science Consoles
Additional slots for traits and R&D projects, Krenim BOffs and DOffs
Alsuran Sector
K-13 K-13
(October 25, 2016)
3 23rd Century Ground Weapons, Space Weapons
23rd Century BOffs, DOffs, Training Manuals, Kit Modules
Trait Enhancements, Xenotech Engineering Consoles
Draconis Sector
DranuurColony Colony World
(October 3, 2017)
Renewable Energy
5 Lukari & Kentari Themed Ground Weapons, Personal Shields, Armor, Space Weapons
Protomatter Matrix Infuser Tactical Consoles; Protomatter Warp Cores, Singularity Cores
Deflectors, Secondary Deflectors, and Engines; Channeling Ship Shields
Lukari/Kentari Boffs, Doffs, Kit Frames, Kit Modules & Training Manuals
Dranuur System