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Fleet Tribble icon.png
Epic icon.png
Fleet Tribble
Epic Ground Device
Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+1 Fleet Mark (max once per hour)
Removes all existing Tribble Buffs.
+5% Hold Resistance
+5% Disable Resistance
+5% Slow Resistance
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Fleet Tribble is a Tribble: a cute, round, furry creature that purrs when touched. It has a tranquilizing effect on most races.

A large colony of tribbles was recently found infesting a circuit conduit that controlled industrial replicator functions for a Fleet Starbase under initial construction. This environment has somehow adapted their physiology with the ability to occasionally produce useful materials that can be used the further advance Fleet Projects.

This Tribble is Polygeminus grex communitas.


  • Targets Self
  • 1.25 sec activate
  • 30 sec recharge
  • Removes all existing tribble buffs.


Petting the Fleet Tribble

Awards following resistance buffs for a duration of one hour

  • +5% Slow Resistance
  • +5% Hold Resistance
  • +5% Disable Resistance.


This is a limited time reward. Players who logged in between July 6th 2012 through July 9th, 2012, and spent at least one hour on the Tribble Test Server testing content for the then upcoming Season 6: Under Siege could claim this from the "Items" tab in the Zen Store. As of June 8th, 2017, the fleet Tribble was added into the Phoenix Prize Pack as a T5 (Uncommon) reward. (It is still at epic level but requires an Uncommon Prize token to buy.

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