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"This is a paradise destination for Federation historians!"

"Between the fleet museum shipyard and the countless displays of actual (not replicator reproduced) artifacts, every Federation citizen should make one mandatory trip within their lifetime. It will take an entire additional lifetime to see every single item on display!"

 - Quotes from Camelot Station visitors


The Federation museum known as Camelot Station.

Built between 2398-2404, the Camelot Station is a Federation space station modeled after the 23rd century, Deep Space K-series space outposts, such as Deep Space K-7. It is vastly different than it's older counterparts; the super-structure is significantly larger than its predecessors, boasting over 50 decks (compared to 30), with internal architectures and building materials based on 25th century know-how. The station also has a docking bay for small starships and auxiliary spacecraft -- typically four Starfleet Runabouts onboard, utilizing the station's two landing pads.

The name "Camelot" was given to the station in honor of the legendary castle and home of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The station serves as a timeless reminder of a Golden and Silver Ages of the United Federation of Planets' histories. The mission of the museum is to store actual artifacts, not replicas, from the annuals of the Federation's origins. From alloys taken from the planet Tellar Prime's first warp spacecraft to the attempted assassination weapon used by Colonel West at the Khitomer Accords of 2293, the museum contains over twenty million priceless treasures.

Federation citizens are granted access to the station via a lottery system, where 10,000+ beings* a day are able to visit the station (for three solar days at a time). The majority of the station staff consists of researchers and historians who spend considerably more time with the museum's vast archives.

Holodeck-based museum access is also available from various Federation home worlds. The majority of the museum displays have been recorded and preserved via holodeck records.

The Camelot Station makes its first appearance in the Star Trek Online (STO) Foundry mission, "Camelot Under Siege." The station makes a second appearance during the Foundry mission, "Dreams of Salvation and Glory". During "Camelot Under Siege", the visitor rotation had occured, with most attendees already gone. (The number of beings escaping the Borg attack is given at 451, with 17 missing or dead.)

  • While 10,000+ beings a day may seem like a relatively low number of sanctioned visitors, many Federation citizens prefer the safety and comfort of holodecks to traversing across sector space, given numerous threats from the major races, e.g. Klingons, Orions, Gorns, Romulans, Borg, etc. As a result, the station attendance is considerably low.


Interior: Due to a complex array of internal sensors, transporter filters for all visitors, and well-constructed displays, security on Camelot Station is minimal. The station continues to operate without successful theft or vandalism. The station is regarded as one of the safest Federation museum destinations in the Alpha Quadrant, ranking higher than even Memory Alpha in recent metrics.

The station does retain Starfleet M.A.C.O. forces to deal with potential transgressors. However, their primary duty in an emergency situation is the evacuation of station visitors and personnel, despite their advanced tactical training.

Exterior: The station exterior defenses are low-level, but formidable, with two phaser arrays and two photon torpedo launchers online against intruders. Given System L-374's access to nearby space lanes, the station remains under the watchful eye of Starfleet patrols which can respond within mere minutes. The station retains four Runabout starships as defensive ships if needed until Starfleet forces arrive.

In the case of station evacuations, all personnel depart via a.) the transport vessels which brought them; b.) the fleet museum starships; c.) limited number of escape pods; d.) parked vessels within the docking bay; or e.) ships arriving to render assistance.


Camelot Station, the Camelot Station Fleet Museum Shipyard, and distant comets.

The Camelot Station features an impressive collection of Federation starships. This assortment of vessels is part of the "Camelot Station Fleet Museum Shipyard." The shipyard is located approximately 10 kilometers away.

The shipyard includes (as of the Foundry mission "Camelot Under Siege"):

  • U.S.S. Chennai (NX-class escort)
  • U.S.S. Scythe (Rapier-class escort)
  • U.S.S. Juneau (Excelsior-class retro escort)
  • U.S.S. Morningstar (Zephyr-class escort)
  • U.S.S. Santa Fe (Miranda-class cruiser)
  • U.S.S. Kongo (Constitution-class cruiser)
  • U.S.S. Sun Tzu (Phoenix-class escort)

All vessels are retired and mothballed within docking berths. Visitors access the ships via station transporters or shuttlecraft. Each museum starship is enabled with sub-light (impulse) drives and tractor beams for shuttle recoveries, but lacks crucial technologies, such as advanced weaponry and warp drive.

Each ship has played a significant role within Federation history. None of the vessels are replicas. Each one has been preserved to honor its past; museum guides wear the ship uniforms associated with the era of each one.


Camelot Station is situated within System L-374 (Regulus Sector Block, not directly accessible from STO maps. See: Foundry mission "Camelot Under Siege")


Pre-"Camelot Under Siege"

  • Captain Musa (male; Camelot Station commander; Sciences background)
  • Commander Balshar (Human male; Camelot fleet museum shipyard guide aboard the U.S.S. Kongo, retired Starfleet officer; Engineering background)
  • Ensign Bomi (Camelot research scientist; Sciences background)


Post-"Camelot Under Siege"

  • Captain Telav (Andorian male; Camelot Station commander; Sciences background)
  • Commander Valentina Tarasonova (Human-Borg female; Starfleet liason; Tactical background)
  • Lieutenant Miranda Tazzini (Human female; Camelot Security Officer; Tactical background)
  • Lieutenant Doreen Aguon (Human female; Camelot Station operations; Engineering background)
  • Lieutenant Talara (Benzite female; Camelot Station research scientist; Sciences background)


Plus 10,000+ visitors to the station, including guests, academians, researchers and staff.

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