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Faction Starfleet.png Storm Front
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March 28, 2012
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"In Storm Front, the player is assigned to assist the Deferi in reestablishing their presence in the Orellius Sector."


With the Breen having withdrawn from Defera Sector after the discovery of the Archive, Starfleet decides to help the Deferi reestablish their trade and colonization efforts in the Orellius Sector. Their efforts eventually lead to the construction of Porter Station in orbit of Defera in the Defera System, with Captain Ter'Kar in command of the station and Starfleet elements operating within the Orellius Sector. In a rather unprecedented move on the part of the Federation Council, Starfleet is authorized to train and equip some of the standing Deferi military so as to help them against any further Breen aggression.

The player is assigned by Starfleet to join the task force assigned to the Orellius Sector. Upon arriving, the player finds out that not everything is running smoothly within Deferi space. There seems to be some sort of internal conflict within the Deferi military. Specifically, the Deferi that have been trained by Starfleet seem to be breaking away and forming their own radical cell in an effort to make Deferi space a welcome place for no one but the Deferi.

As the story progresses, the player learns that there are several events that elude to some sort of manipulation of the situation at hand, as well as more militarization of Deferi forces than what was previously thought. The mission ends with an attack on Porter Station and the destruction of the USS Vashon, one of the ships that's part of the task force.


Mission text[]

With the Breen threat having subsided with the discovery of the Archive, the Deferi have started to rebuild their facilities and reestablish their trade routes. You're assigned to assist.


Assist the Deferi.


  • Join the Fleet at Defera
    • Reach Porter Station in orbit around Defera
  • Meet with Captain Ter'Kar
    • Meet with Captain Ter'Kar
    • Head to requisitions
    • Return to Ter'Kar
  • Questions
    • Captain on the bridge
    • Reach the S.S. Wooden Shoe
  • Retake the S.S. Wooden Shoe
    • Transport aboard S.S. Wooden Shoe
    • Retake the Wooden Shoe (2/2 Enemy Groups)
  • Officials
    • Meet with Ter'Kar
  • Setting Course
    • Set course for Raveh II
    • Investigate unknown signals
  • Doctor Perink I presume
    • Shuttle down to the surface
    • Inspect shelter
    • Check the dig site
    • Speak to the Deferi
    • Head back to the shuttle
  • Heading Back
    • Return to the ship
    • Approach sensor contacts
    • Defend yourself!
  • Turnabout
    • Reach Porter Station
    • Protect Porter Station
  • Porter Station
    • Board Porter Station

People/Things of note[]

  • Captain Jy'uno Ter'Kar
  • Porter Station


  • Version 1.7, published March 28th, 2012