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Frosted Boots
Rare Ground Device
Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+7 Run Speed
Reduces your traction
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Frosted Boots icon.png
Rare icon.png

Frosted Boots is a special Ground Device available from Q's Winter Wonderland for 15 [Terran Holiday Ornament], 15 [Vulcan Meditation Incense], 15 [Bolian Candles], and 15 [Targ Fur Earmuffs]. The boots last indefinitely.

In addition, wearing the boots allow you to perform extra animations while on the lake, such as assuming a speed-skating pose, or jumping over the ramp-like section of the lake.

To activate, equip the boots on your captain's character sheet, then click and drag the boot icon to your active skills tray.

When you are on the ice, click the boots icon and watch yourself ice skate!

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