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This arcticle details events which are set in the future from an in-game perspective. You may be looking for Upcoming content.

The Future describes the time after the current Earth year, 2411. Details about the future have emerged through predictions, scientific studies and limited contact with time travelers.

Timeline[ | ]

26th Century[ | ]

TFO - Battle of Procyon V

The Battle of Procyon V was the culmination of the Temporal Wars

27th century[ | ]


New Khitomer in 2769

28th century[ | ]

29th century[ | ]

Wells class

Wells class timeships like the U.S.S. Pastak operate in the 29th century

31st century[ | ]

Fed Ship Janeway

A ship in use by the 32nd century, including detached nacelles and programable matter.

32nd century[ | ]

  • Following the end of the Temporal Wars, time travel is banned.
  • The spontaneous destruction of dilithium across the galaxy causes the collapse of interstellar travel and the retreat of the Federation to a handful of worlds.
  • Items from this era mostly come from the Discovery: Far From Home Lock Box.

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