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Faction KDF.png Ganalda Space Station

Ganalda Space Station.jpg

Ganalda System
Archanis Sector
Facilities Available
Map of Ganalda Space Station interior

The Ganalda Space Station is an advanced facility orbiting a planet (presumably Ganalda IV) in the Ganalda System in the Archanis Sector. The station serves as a PvP hub for players of the Klingon Empire, and is thus comparable to Starfleet's Deep Space K-7 by functionality and make-up. The station is divided into five sections although they are unmarked in-game.


As part of the Archanis Sector, the Ganalda system, especially Ganalda IV, was heavily involved in recurring conflicts between the Klingon Empire and the Federation over the 23rd and 24th centuries. In 2409, the shakedown cruise of the new flagship of the Klingon Empire, the Bortas Battle Cruiser, was succesfully conducted in the direct vicinity of Ganalda Space Station despite a short interference by Starfleet.

Central Area[]

The central area

The central area of the station is where players can find various NPCs involved in PvP missions for the space station.


Generals Office[]

General Klag's office

The generals office is located by going through the bottom-right corner of the central area and into a door.


  • General Klag
  • Dahar Master


The shipyard and exchange

The Shipyard and requisitions area is located on the left side of the station. In this area players will find access to the Exchange, bank, fleet bank and Mail all via consoles at the back of the room. This area is also where players can use dilithium and Energy Credits for the requisition of starship weapons, equipment, consoles and starships. In the central area of this room players can also customize their starship and use dilithium to requisition a wide array of end-game items for both ground and space.


  • Lieutenant Valan from whom you can select which of your starships to use at the moment
  • Hirstirc, a former Dilithium store vendor
  • Bekk Vranx who players can requistion starships from
  • Bekk Ch'korgh from whom players can requisition starship components
  • Commander Trann who allows players to customize their starships
  • Engineering Officer who can repair ship damages
  • Naygir, an Orion
  • Bekk Koromu
  • Lieutenant Vacno
  • Shopum
  • Hekouk, a Gorn
  • Ship and Shuttle Equipment
  • Shuttle Information


The armory

The armory section of the space station is where players can requisition personal equipment and ground weapons for dilithium. There is also an clothier in this area that allows players to change their clothing.


  • Yekache, formerly a Dilithium equipment vendor
  • Lyss, an Orion tailor who can help players customize their clothing
  • Bekk Tok who players can requisition personal equipment for energy credits
  • Yonys, a Gorn weapons dealer
  • Stulea, a Gorn weapons dealer
  • Commander Sytin
  • Raycu, an Orion
  • Letowch, an Orion


The lounge

The lounge area of the space station is an area where players can negotiate deals with two NPCs for items. In this area players can also requisition Bridge Officers.


  • Commander Kotra from whom players can requisition Bridge Officers
  • Lurk is an NPC of questionable character from which players can buy equipment
  • Captain Leskit
  • Medical Officer can heal injuries
  • Hidgirb, a Gorn

Missions involved[]

A corridor


The game does not clearly state whether the planet around which Ganalda Space Station orbits is Ganalda IV or another planetary body of the system.

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