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Germanium "crystal" in dormant state.

Germanium "crystal" hatching.

A Drantzuli.

Germanium is an organic crystal-like structure with a shell built of pure germanium (chemical element), which has been falsely classified as an anorganic mineral by Alliance and Lukari Concordium scientists, when it is in fact an "egg" from which creatures known to the Tzenkethi as Drantzuli hatch. Sites of germanium are found on several worlds throughout the Alpha Quadrant, deep in the area of what was until recently unexplored space.


Following their first contact with the Concordium, Alliance forces assisted the Lukari in exploration of nearby sectors. During a visit to 20 Draconis System, they came upon originally M-class world which had been sterilized by a protomatter weapon. Lukari Captain Kuumaarke successfully identified Tzenkethi as the attackers, and the away team learned of crystals, which would later be named germanium, that the local population used to collect and "grow" in the temple by the central plaza.

After finding evidence of several more worlds obliterated of all life by the same type of weapon, Kuumaarke started forming the hypothesis that Coalition was actually targeting the germanium crystals.

Lukari and Kentari scientists brought several samples of germanium to Dranuur to research it. It was in their lab where the "crystals" first hatched revealing that they were not a mineral, but an "egg" of a species known as Drantzuli.

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  • Germanium usually exists in the ores mined from planet's crust, not like this pure 'crystal', exposed at the ground, introduced in New Frontiers episode arc. Although Germanium is known as mineral in Memory-Alpha and Memory-Beta, there are few explanations to distinguish these two kinds of 'germanium'. However considering the statement mentioned above, there will be a way to do so.

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