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Hur'qGlowing Attendant
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Glowing Attendants (also reffered to as Glowing Drantzuli by the Tzenkethi) are a slight variation of the Hur'qAttendants.


See Attendant for more information about the species in general.

These Attendants have a strange, alien bio-luminescence. An ability they use called Glowing Carapace reinforces all fellow Attendants in its radius, adding to their damage resistance. It is recommended to prioritize these mobs for they will often be the backbone of a ground Hur'q swarm.

Missions encountered[]


  • In “Melting Pot”, glowing attendants were referred to simply as Glowing Drantzuli and had unique faction emblem. In the Victory is Life storyline, no more mentions of the Drantzuli were made (except for logs about the caretaker race) and the attendant ground mobs were marked as Hur'q and shared their emblem.
  • Killing Drantzuli-marked mobs in Melting Pot does count for Hur'q kill accolades.

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