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S'taass, a Gorn Ambassador

Playable Species
Beta Quadrant
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KDF captains
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The Gorn are a cold-blooded reptilian race from the planet Gornar. In Star Trek Online they are a playable race and belong to the KDF faction. The Phalanx Science Vessel, Draguas Support Vessel and Varanus Fleet Support Vessel are the only playable Gorn ships in-game, though there are Gorn-style Zen Store costumes for the Vo'quv Carrier and Vor'cha Battle Cruiser.

Physical appearance[]

The TOS-style Gorn options, which appear in “In the Shadow of Cestus”, unlock for all Gorn characters once a TOS character is leveled to the 25th century.

Gorn appearance is distinct given their reptilian similarities. They have slitted silvery eyes, sharp teeth, claws on their hands and scaled green rubbery skin.

Gorn are physically very strong and tall, much more so than typical humans. They are known to be very stubborn and territorial. In Star Trek Online they were originally the only race in the game that had the requirement of three mandatory traits, leaving the player to only be able to choose one, though that was changed and the three former traits were condensed into a single trait. Gorn bridge officers still have the same three mandatory traits, however.

TOS style[]

The Gorn appear in the faction missions for the TOS Starfleet faction with their original 1960s aesthetic. Once a TOS Starfleet character is levelled “The Battle of Caleb IV”, tailor options for the TOS Gorn head and costumes are unlocked for all Gorn characters and BOff's.

Other information[]

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  • Species trait: Gorn are many times stronger than Humans, making their melee attacks deal massive damage and often knock down their targets. Their stamina is greater than that of Humans, providing them with resistance to many types of damage.
    • On Ground: Cold Blooded icon.png Cold Blooded
      • +10 Plasma Damage Resistance Rating
      • +25 Fire Damage Resistance Rating
    • On Ground: Reptilian Strength icon.png Reptilian Strength
      • 17.5% bonus to Melee Damage
      • 15% chance to knock down the target of your melee attacks.
    • On Ground: Resilient icon.png Resilient
      • +5 Physical Damage Resistance Rating
      • +5 All Energy Damage Resistance Rating

Reptilian strength


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Duty officers[]

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