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The Gorn Hegemony is the state formed by the Gorn society. It is governed by a King and a council. In the 25th century the Hegemony has been absorbed by the Klingon Empire but retains the right to self-rule, and has a non-voting seat on the Klingon High Council.

Culture[ | ]

Little is known about the Gorn Hegemony culture, other than it is based on a caste system. Matters of territory seem to be very important, since the hegemony reacts very forcefully to any incursion.

History[ | ]


Gornar, homeworld of the Gorn

Before the 24th century[ | ]

  • In ancient times the Gorn controlled much more space.
  • The Metron Consortium prevents the first contact between the Hegemony and the Federation from turning into a battle near Cestus III in 2267.

Prelude to conflict[ | ]

  • On Stardate 61829.83, acting against orders a Gorn ship attacks the I.K.S. Quv in the space between the Hegemony and the Klingon Empire in 2384. 207 Klingons die but King Xrathis refuses to surrender the surviving Klingons. In response, Chancellor Martok sends additional ships to their common border and expels Gorn diplomats.
  • When King Xrathis dies of natural cause, his son, Crown Prince Slathis, ascends to the throne. (2386). He re-enforces the Gorn-Klingon border. Several skirmishes are reported soon after.

Gorn-Klingon conflict (2386-2389)[ | ]

  • On Stardate 63504.74, the Klingon-Gorn War begins when the KDF bombards the Gorn colony at Gila IV. After two days of bloody battle with the defenders the Klingon Empire conquers the planet. The conflict quiets after the battle.
  • Due to the worsening relationship between the Hegemony and the Klingon Empire, the United Federation of Planets offers to mediate talks between the two powers.

Gorn-Klingon Cold War and peace attempts (2389-2399)[ | ]

  • In 2389, the war erupts again when the Gorn and Klingons struggle for control of the Gamma Orionis System. King Slathis negotiates a beneficial deal with the Nausicaans: For contributing weapons and ships the Nausicaans get the rights to several asteroid belts and a substantial payment. Despite the reinforcment of the Gorn military the Klingons refuse to surrender the system and win several battles. Starfleet Intelligence projects that the conflict won't end anytime soon.
  • Due to increased Nausicaan raids in the Gorn-Federation borderland, the Federation again offers to mediate between the warring states at a neutral location. However, the preliminary talks drag on for weeks and come to an abrupt halt when Chancellor Martok demands Starfleet to remove its ships from the Romulan-Klingon border. (2390)
  • The following year, Starfleet submits to Martok's demand and reassigns its ships to fight the Nausicaan raiders. In response, the Klingon Chancellor agrees to participate in peace talks. Representatives from the Klingons, Gorn and Nausicaans meet at Deep Space K-7. Despite initial progress the talks fail when Gorn Ambassador Zogozin is seriously injured by a hidden explosive device two days into the conference. Station security finds evidence that Klingon extremist J'dah is responsible for the attack, however, he is killed by someone unknown.
  • Following the failure of the talks the Klingons advance deeper into Gorn territory. To protect their homeworld the Gorn recall ships from the outlying colonies. King Slathis tries to hire Lethean mercenaries but outside analysts doubt the Gorn have the resources to pay both Nausicaans and Letheans.
  • In 2392, Cestus III hosts renewed peace talks between the Gorn and Klingons. Again, the premilinary talks don't come to a conclusion.
  • On Stardate 69259.56 the hopes of peace finally collapse when a Gorn and Nausicaan fleet attacks the Klingon world of Ogat. The KDF manages to repel the invaders more than two weeks later and both military forces now attack on sight.
  • Chancellor J'mpok reluctantly agrees to a third round of peace talks. (2397)
  • On Stardate 75705.90 (2398), the Federation-mediated peace talks between the Hegemony and the Empire are disrupted by an explosion that rocks the resort on Casperia Prime where the talks are being held. Again, a Klingon extremist group is found responsible for the dishonorable attack. The Federation attempts to restart the peace talks, but both the Klingons and the Gorn recall their delegations and the cease-fire ends.

Full-scale war and Klingon invasion (2400-2403)[ | ]

  • The I.K.S. Kang returns to Qo'noS, proving the Council of the Gorn Hegemony has been infiltrated by Undine. Chancellor J'mpok order a full-scale invasion of Gorn space the day after. The border is stormed by a combined Klingon-Orion fleet within weeks. The simmering conflict erupts into open warfare when Gorn and Nausicaan ships clash with the invaders in multiple systems. (2399)
  • In 2400, the Gorn-Nausicaan fleet initially repels the invader's advance, earning respect for their ferocity in battle. Victory for the Klingons is almost assured but does come with a high blood toll. The Federation Council declares the war to be unlawful but the censure is ignored by the belligerents.
  • The defenders are holding the line in 2401 and the war becomes a stalemate. However, the Gorn don't have enough ships to repel the Klingons and Orions.
  • After two years of war, the Klingons blockade the Gorn homeworld, finally decisively turning the war into their favor. (2402).
  • On Stardate 80344.81, the Klingons manage to make planetfall when the web of transport inhibtors protecting the Gorn homeworld fails. Remaining Gorn forces defend key areas while the civilian population arms itself. However, the Klingons spare the militias and assault the capitol city. Twenty-eight hours after the planetary invasion began, the royal palace is stormed, King Slathis surrenders and the Gorn Hegemony falls. Klingon General Klag agrees to lift martial law orders for the civilian population. The Klingons treatment of the population is remarkably civilized. (2403)

Klingon occupation and admission to the Empire (2403)[ | ]


Gorn Ambassador S'taass represents the Klingon Empire

  • General Klag, military governor of the Gorn homeworld, stabilizes the situation there in the following week. Chancellor J'mpok meets with King Slathis and broadcasts a message throughout the entire Hegemony, revealing the scale of Undine infiltration of the Gorn Council and military. These infiltrators are executed.
  • Despite demands by hardliners in the Klingon High Council, J'mpok chooses not to have the royal family executed. Rather, he offers them self-rule as long as they swear loyalty to the Empire. Slathis agrees and is given a non-voting seat in the High Council. The Klingon Fifth Fleet is withdrawn from Gorn space.

Participation in the Third Federation-Klingon War (2405-2409)[ | ]

  • Now involved with the Empire, the Hegemony participates in the Third Federation-Klingon War and invades Sherman's Planet on Stardate 82626.64. However, Starfleet is able to repel the attack. (2405)
  • The same year, King Slathis brokers a deal between the Nausicaans and Klingons, resulting in the signing of a non-aggression pact.
  • In 2408, Klingons and Gorn invade Cestus III. Starfleet masses fleet to defend this worlds and its population.
  • By 2409, some Gorn have begun to rebel against the Klingon Empire, staging attacks on Klingon starbases.

Politics[ | ]

The Gorn Hegemony is a parliamentary monarchy ruled by the King. This King is the head of state while the government consists of the Gorn Council, the prime minister and advisers, such as the head of military intelligence. Although the Hegemony is now a vassal state to the Klingon Empire, its governmental structure remains unchanged. However, several high-ranking government officials, including the prime minister, were revealed to be Undine infiltrators in 2403, resulting in their execution. Despite that, King Slathis remained in power and currently rules the Hegemony as of 2409.

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