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The Great Houses and their games dominate our Empire... Alliances of blood and blades, these organzations define the political state of Qo'noS. - Loresinger B'Alea.

The Great Houses are major political institutions in the Klingon Empire and consist of influential families, most of them of noble descent. Some of the Houses are descendants of Kahless.

Organization[edit | edit source]

A Great House is united by bloodline and led by a male Klingon. Upon death of the head of the House and his heir, the Mistress will take over control until a new male is found to take this position.

The Mistress, usually titled Lady, is the highest ranking woman in the House, either the mother or wife of the House leader. A House is named for its current leader but he also has the option of continuing the use of his father's name.

Feuds between Houses can last centuries but can be solved with the dissolution of one or both of the warring Houses.

Political influence[edit | edit source]

The Klingon High Council consists of members representing the most influential Houses and is headed by a single Chancellor. The Chancellor doesn't have to be of noble descent or member of a Great House however he needs to be backed by at least one influential House.

On Qo'noS the political life is defined by alliance of Great Houses. The most powerful Houses even possess their own fleets. Thus, to govern the Empire the Council relies on the support of the families.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Late in the 23th century, the Houses of B'vat and Mo'kai clashed, starting a century-long blood feud.
  • In 2390, the House of Mo'kai was dissolved when its leader Aakan was killed by warriors of the House of B'vat. This ended the blood feud between these Houses.
  • Backed by the House of Duras, Councilor J'mpok becomes Chancellor after killing Martok in an honorable duel. (2393)
  • Lethean mecernaries reveal Councilor Konjah as an Undine. His house is subsequently dissolved forcibly. Its member are killed or forced into hiding. (2401)
  • Loyal forces of the Houses of Martok and Duras battle each other in the Ghomha System in 2407.
  • As of 2409 the High Council consists of Chancellor J'mpok and ten Councilors. During this year, the House of Torg is brought before the High Council by the House of Martok for acts of treason and subsequently dissolved.
  • In 2410, many if not all of the Councilors are killed by an Iconian when the High Council challenge their warning for the Empire, the Federation and the Romulan Republic not to attract the Iconians' attention again. Chancellor J'mpok survives and declares an end to hostilities with the Federation in the face of the Iconian threat. The exact status of the High Council afterwards is uncertain.
  • In 2411, amidst the Klingon Civil War, despite witnessing the evidence of J’mpok’s mycelial attack launched on Khitomer, the various Klingon Houses lost faith in the Empire and returned to their own homes. J’mpok dismisses the High Council and declares himself as ‘Emperor’ of the Klingon Empire.

List of Great Houses[edit | edit source]

Great Houses in the High Council[edit | edit source]

Houses formerly in the High Council[edit | edit source]

Dissolved Houses[edit | edit source]

Other Great Houses[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although M'Tara kills the High Council during “Surface Tension”, Klingon players and allied-Romulan/Jem'Hadar players can still see the Councilers alive in the Great Hall when visiting First City even afterwards.

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