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StarfleetGrigori Yanishev
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Military Rank:
Fleet Admiral
Captain's Table
Mission giver

Admiral Grigori Yanishev is the Admiral chiefly responsible for Fleet Actions. The only place so far where he can be physically found is the exclusive Captain's Table station.

As of Season Eighteen: Awakening, Yanishev still offers Dailies and Wrapper missions for the removed TFOs below - they are essentially useless and can safely be ignored or dropped.

Fleet actions[]

Let me tell you about Fleet Actions, <rank>.

Some opponents are too much for one ship or crew to confront alone. In Fleet Actions, 20 players can work together to combat a threat.

At the beginning of a Fleet Action, a skilled player may be able to complete a task alone. After that, however, the challenges become increasingly difficult. You will need to team with other ship commanders and work together to succeed.

There are two ways to join a Fleet Action. You can either get a mission from me, or, if you travel to a system where a Fleet Action is occurring, you will be granted the mission when you enter the system.

At the end of a Fleet Action, rewards are granted based on performance. Fleet Actions reset after a period of time, and they are repeatable. There are both space and ground Fleet Actions.

Missions involved[]

Missions formerly given[]


  • Yanishev's name would suggest he is of Russian descent.
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