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There is currently only one truly canon Klingon Uniform in the game, TOS (The Original Series) Uniform, and there are still parts missing (proper badge and knee high boots, etc.) that would make that complete. So, these are mock-ups of the Canon Uniforms from the various series and films using the options available in the game.

TOS (The Original Series) Era Uniforms[]

SFS/FF (Search for Spock / Final Frontier) Era Uniforms[]

UC (Undiscovered Country) Era Uniforms[]

TNG (The Next Generation) Era Uniforms[]

DS9 (Deep Space Nine) Era Uniforms[]

VOY (Voyager) Era Uniforms[]

ENT (Enterprise) Era Uniforms[]

25th Century KDF Uniforms[]

Klingon Academy Uniforms[]

Klingon Academy Uniform

Klingon Baldrics ENT/Merc Style[]

Available at Lieutenant Commander Rank.

Klingon Baldrics TOS Style[]

Available at Commander Rank.

Klingon Baldrics TNG Style[]

Available at Captain Rank.

Klingon Baldrics 25th Century Style[]

Available at General Rank.