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These are the official 2410 Odyssey Uniforms introduced in Season 9.5

Odyssey uniforms[edit | edit source]

Color coordination[edit | edit source]

  • Red - Command, Tactical, Security, Navigation, Helm
  • Gold - Operations, Engineering, R&D
  • Blue - Science, Medical, Communications
  • Black - Intelligence
  • Navy - Military Assault Command Operations (M.A.C.O.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Odyssey Tactical uniform has been renamed Odyssey Excursion since the Uniform Code Guide was published.
  • While you get the Odyssey uniform for free, the now called Excursion and Dress variants can be aquired at your Fleet Tailor.
  • The layout of colors available for rank pips and combadges have also changed since the Uniform Code Guide was published. The current correct values are believed to be:
    • Gold: A1
    • Silver: A14
    • Silver (Medical combadge variant): A15
  • Some female NPCs, notably ones at Starfleet Academy and the Fleet Starbase, wear the Starfleet Academy skirt and heeled boots with the Officer Service Uniform.
  • Admiral Zelle wears the "Excursion" variant of the Odyssey uniform; however, it features gold piping, rank pips, and combadge, similar to the "Admirals and Fleet Admirals" version of the Flag Officer Service Uniform and is a light shade of green.
  • Starfleet Intelligence officers, such as Ethan Burgess, Kyle DeSoto, and Kyla VanZyl, wear the Officer Service Uniform with black (I1) as their divisional color. Additionally, they wear the "blank" combadge, with no divisional insignia.[1]
  • The navy blue used as the divisional color for the M.A.C.O. Enlisted Dress Uniform, seen in one of the Iconian War propaganda posters, is F6. [2]

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