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Captain Harry Kim is a Human Starfleet officer. He is best known for his tenure as the U.S.S. Voyager's Operations Officer while the ship was lost in the Delta Quadrant from 2371 to 2378.


In 2371 Ensign Harry Kim is given his first deep space assignment onboard the U.S.S. Voyager after graduating from Starfleet Academy. During his first mission, the ship is lost in the Delta Quadrant, over 70,000 light years from Federation space. After a seven years long journey, Ensign Kim returns to Earth in 2378.

In 2400, 22 years after returning from the Delta Quadrant, Harry Kim held the rank of Commander and was the chief security officer on Starbase 11. Additionally, Commander Kim helped to organize improvements in starbase defenses for outposts along the Neutral Zone.

By 2410, Kim had been promoted to Captain and given command of the U.S.S. Rhode Island.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Mindscape”: The player encounters what appears to be a 2370s-era version of then-Ensign Kim during a mind-meld with Tuvok to repel psychic attacks from Eric Cooper.
  • ALL “The Kobali Front”: The Player meets Captain Kim on Kobali Prime where he is serving as Starfleet's liaison in the efforts to end the Vaadwaur siege of the Kobali homeworld.
  • ALL “The Cavalry”: Captain Kim reveals his concerns that the Kobali are not being entirely truthful with the Delta Alliance. He observes that despite the Vaadwaur's superior firepower, tactics, and training, they have not taken control of the city on Kobali Prime. He hypothesizes that the Vaadwaur have another objective, and that the Kobali know what it is. The player orders Kim to continue investigating.
  • ALL “The Son”: Captain Kim informs the player that while the Kobali didn't appear to be religious people when Kim first met them, they now seem to follow the same creed, and maintain a temple beyond the trenches. However, the Kobali refuse to provide Kim with any information about their practices. Kim says he will continue his investigations.
  • ALL “The Temple of my People”: After defending a "temple" just outside the Kobali capital city against a Vaadwaur attack, the player and Captain Kim discover a large amount of stasis pods containing Vaadwaur.
  • ALL “Alliances”: Captain Kim attends a conference onboard Voyager to discuss the formation of a coalition of Delta Quadrant species to counter the threat of the Vaadwaur. He is assigned the task of persuading the Kazon to join them.
  • ALL “With Our Last Breath”: After thwarting the deployment of the biochemical anti-Kobali weapon created by the Vaadwaur, Captain Kim visits the battle site on the mountain, but cautions to quickly leave before enemy troops return.
  • ALL “Our Chance for Peace”: Captain Kim and the player revisit the Kobali temple, where they are told, that the Kobali would not revive, but only store, Vaadwaur from now on.
  • ALL “The Battle of Korfez”: Acting as flag captain, Harry Kim leads a small taskforce to liberate Korfez IV from the Vaadwaur.
  • ALL “Takedown”: Captain Kim commands the Rhode Island in the battle for the Vaadwaur homeworld. When the Kazon betray the Alliance and side with the Vaadwaur, he reveals a backup plan in the form of calling in Hirogen reinforcements. After the battle, the player speaks with Kim on the planet about the series of events that led to the Vaadwaur's resurgence and defeat.
  • ALL “What's Left Behind”: In Engineering aboard Voyager, Captain Kim assists the player in analyzing the device recovered from Gaul's command center on Vaadwaur Prime.
  • ALL “Dust to Dust”: Captain Kim and the player are summoned to defend the temple on Kobali Prime from a Vaadwaur attack. Inside the temple, they discover a younger, deceased duplicate of Kim was preserved by the Kobali and rebirthed into Keten.
  • ALL “Midnight”: Harry Kim attends the Iconian Resistance briefing aboard the Kyana Research Station in advance of the last battle of the Iconian War. After the successful conclusion of the war, Kim congratulates the player at Starfleet Academy.



Garrett Wang recording lines for Star Trek Online

  • Throughout all his appearances, Captain Harry Kim is voiced by Garrett Wang, the actor who portrayed the character on Star Trek: Voyager.
  • With 13 missions featuring the character, each including unique voiceovers by Garrett Wang, Harry Kim is the third most featured canon character (after Daniels, Martok and Tuvok) voiced by the original actor in Star Trek Online.
  • In an alternate timeline, Harry Kim was part of the design team that created the Yellowstone Class Runabout.

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