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Captain Harvson is a human Starfleet officer and captain of the U.S.S. San Antonio in 2409.

Harvson was once assigned to Nimbus III. With the assistance of local peacekeeper Law, he was tasked to stop the local activities of the Orion Syndicate but left the planet after being paid off by the Orions.

Missions involved[]

Missions formerly involved[]

  • “Spectres”: Commander Tal'Mera sends the player to contact Harvson in the Donatu Sector to be briefed about strange occurrences. He describes mysterious sightings and blue lights at Drozana Station, as well as unusual True Way activities in the Neutral Zone. He reveals that he contacted Franklin Drake who has recommended that the player report directly to him for the time being. He then patches the player through to Drake.


  • Harvson's Klingon counterpart, Brigadier General G'dan, can be found sitting right next to him in Temer's, and then Nadel's, office.
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