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A Heal is any player or Bridge Officer Ability or any item that acts to reverse the effects of taking damage.

Heals are divided into the following categories: Ground Shields, Ground Hit Points, Space Shields and Space Hull.

Heal Types[]

Ground Shields[]

Ground shields represent the player's protection against energy attacks, primarily, and are healed by devices such as Shield Charges or by using Engineering abilities.

Ground Hit Points[]

Ground Hit Points are a player's health and when they reach zero the player is defeated. They can be restored with Hypospray devices, several Science abilities, or the Engineering ability Medical Generator Fabrication.

Space Shields[]

Similar to Ground Shields, Space Shields represent protection against energy and kinetic damage in space combat. Use Shield Battery devices or Science and Engineering Bridge Officer abilities to restore damaged shields.

Space Hull[]

A player's health in space, like Ground Hit Points, when Hull drops to zero, the player is defeated. Use Engineering and Science abilities to repair Hull damage and stay in the fight


  • Special: certain abilities, such as the Captain ability Miraculous Repairs or special Bridge Officer abilities in certain story missions can restore multiple types of damage at once.