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To learn more about the wiki's canon and inclusion policy, see About Star Trek Online Wiki.

The Star Trek Online Wiki is a large project indeed. Whether you are new to the world of editing wiki articles, or simply new to just this site alone, this guide will help you become a better editor and contributor to the STO Wiki.

Rules Regarding Content and Additions[edit source]

  1. First and foremost, this wiki is for in-game canon and content only and should not include information about general Star Trek lore and canon. For more information, see the What is Canon? section of our About Page.
  2. LINKING: Should a new entry be created on the STO Wiki? Or should it be linked to the Memory Alpha wiki? If it is a link-worthy article, but is only mentioned in passing, then link to Memory Alpha like so. Otherwise, create a new article and/or add content to the article.
    • ONLY LINK ONCE: While we encourage linking as much relevant information as possible to new articles, only one link per page is necessary. So if the Romulans are referenced more than once, only the first reference may be linked.
  3. OPINIONS: Opinions about articles and their potential content are not allowed on the STO Wiki. This is a neutral, unbiased, information-only reference for players of the game.

Templates and Their Use[edit source]

Over the course of this wiki's growth and lifetime, there will be new templates for use in articles. The basic ones that will be the most commonly used are listed below.

  • LINKS: In order to add a link to a specific page on the Star Trek Online site, use the following template:
{{STO Link|relative-path|page-title}}
For example...
{{STO Link|/timeline/2382|The Path to 2409: 2382}}
This creates a bulleted list item with a link to the page on the STO main site. This should be used under a "Source" section within a page. To see an example of this, check out the 2379-2380 Timeline article.
  • MEMORY ALPHA LINKS: To add a link to a Memory Alpha article, use the following template:
{{MA Link}}
The link URL and label text will be generated from the page into which it is inserted. This creates a bulleted list item witha link to the article on the Memory Alpha wiki. This should be used under an "External Links" section within a page. To see an example of this template in use, check out the United Federation of Planets article.

STO family skins[edit source]

The STO family skins (those with a name starting with STO) have some unique qualities. Users familiar with using pages like Special:MyPage/stofederation.css and Special:MyPage/stofederation.js will likely want to note that the StoCommon extension also provides Special:MyPage/stocommon.css and Special:MyPage/stocommon.js to customize all skins in the STO skin family.

For more information, including information of particular interest to admins, see Project:STO skin family.