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Romulan RepublicHfihar Mining Facility

Hfihar System
Rator Sector
Beta Quadrant

Hfihar Colony.png
The mining facility

The Hfihar Mining Facility is located on a moon in the Hfihar System in the Rator Sector.

It hosts a Romulan mining colony which switched from Star Empire/Tal Shiar, over to Ferengi, and eventually to Romulan Republic-rule. Seeking work, Tovan Khev and his sister Rinna lived on the moon sometime before 2409. Until that year, the Tal Shiar also operated Listening Post Hephaestus in the caverns beneath the mining settlement.

Missions Involved[]

  • “Mine Enemy”: Obisek, leader of the Reman Resistance, intends to attack the Listening Post Hephaestus, which is hidden in a mine on the moon and operated by the Tal Shiar. The player comes in contact with the mining operator Madran and the population of the shanty colony. Colonel Hakeev, the commander of the Tal Shiar base, triggers the self-destruct and escapes. Both the listening post and the mine are destroyed.

Missions formerly involved[]

  • “Mine Trap”: Now under Republic control, the Romulan mining colony is overrun by Salt Vampires and the player has to assist in evacuation efforts.



  • The name of the moon on which the facility is located depends on the order in which the player visits them; if the player visits them in order from closest to farthest away, the facility is located on Khoal.
  • The Hfihar Mining facility and the Hfihar system itself were relocated with the release of Season Ten: The Iconian War on April 21, 2015 from the Hyralan Sector to the Rator Sector.


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