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Romulan RepublicHfihar System
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Rator Sector
Beta Quadrant

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The Hfihar System is a system located in the Rator Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

It is technically part of the Romulan Star Empire but the empress exerts no influence. There are two Data samples in the system.

System Description[]

The unusual gravitational harmonics of the planetoids of the Hfihar system are believed to be due to the elongated elliptical orbit of Hfihar II. However, Federation researchers in the system have recently detected something that could be a dark matter nebula. The presence of an anomaly of that type could be affecting the harmonics of all the planetoids.

The Federation Science Council is constructing a metreon fountain on Hfihar I in an effort to learn more about the nebula.


Hfihar is orbited by two planets and three moons, however, the planets are not visitable in-game. It is unclear whether the moons t'Rllaillieu, Lyioa and Khoal belong to Hfihar I or II. A debris field stretches from the first moon, t'Rllaillieu, to the second.

  • Hfihar star
    • Hfihar I
    • Hfihar II
      • t'Rllaillieu
      • Lyioa
      • Khoal


Missions Involved[]

  • “Patrol the Hfihar System”: Three squadrons of Romulan ships, allegedly searching for artifacts from the Sundering, attack Federation scientists on the planetoids and have to be destroyed by the player.
  • “Mine Enemy”: Obisek, leader of the Reman Resistance, intends to attack the Listening Post Hephaestus, which is hidden in a mine on one of the moons and operated by the Tal Shiar. The player comes in contact with the mining operator Madran and the population of the shabby colony. Colonel Hakeev, the commander of the Tal Shiar base, triggers the self-destruct and escapes. Both the listening post and the mine are destroyed.
  • “Mine Trap” [PvE]: The Romulan mining colony is overrun by Salt Vampires and the player has to assist in evacuation efforts.



  • During “Mine Enemy”, Orions appear when the player contacts the first of the three moons; the player is seen as an unwelcome visitor and sent away from the second moon; and the mining colony is discovered on the third moon. This occurs regardless of the sequence in which the player visits the moons.
  • The Hfihar System was relocated with the release of Season Ten: The Iconian War on April 21, 2015 from the Hyralan Sector to the Rator Sector.
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