Hirogen Tetryon Blast Rifle

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Hirogen Tetryon Blast Rifle
Rare Ground Weapon
Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Heavy Bolt Setting
Tetryon Damage
64.8 Tetryon Damage (92.6 DPS)
5% Chance: -__ All Shields
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
Energy Blast
Expose Attack
Targeted AoE Tetryon Damage and Knockback
73.6 Tetryon Damage (10.1 DPS)
66% Chance: Knocks back +8 meters
5% Chance: -__ All Shields
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
Value: 3,573 Energy credit icon.png
Tetryon Sniper Rifle icon.png
Rare icon.png

The Hirogen Tetryon Blast Rifle combines a strong primary bolt attack with a secondary energy burst.

Tetryon ground weapons have a chance to do additional shield damage. Hirogen weapons have a 5% chance of damaging a target's shields, and deals almost 2.5 times the damage to shields compared to other Tetryon weaponry.

Values given are for a player at level 50.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Hirogen Tetryon Blast Rifle is a scaling mission reward from the Klingon Empire mission “Alpha”. It is currently unobtainable for the Federation.

Since this item is not unique, players can obtain it more than once via episode replay. Replaying this mission at higher levels will grant a level-appropriate Mark version of this weapon, up to and including Mk XI. It can not be upgraded.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Mk 5% chance: -__ All Shields
XI 236.5

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

There are seven factors that can affect personal weapons. These are Modifier suffixes, spent Player Skill Points, Personal Equipment, and Equipment Sets.

Modifier Suffix[edit | edit source]

Hirogen Tetryon Blast Rifles do not come with modifiers suffixes but they come with a 2% crit chance and +20 crit severity. The weapons Tetryon proc is also higher then standard Tetryon weapons.

Personal Equipment[edit | edit source]

Personal Equipment
Icon Equipment Effects Melee/Ranged
Energy Harness Armor icon.pngCommon icon.png Energy Harness Armor +5% All Energy Damage Ranged
Recoil Compensating Armor icon.pngCommon icon.png Recoil Compensating Armor +40% Critical Severity Both
Integrated Targeting Armor icon.pngCommon icon.png Integrated Targeting Armor +5% Critical Chance Both
Physical Augmentation Armor icon.pngCommon icon.png Physical Augmentation Armor +10% Physical Damage strength Melee
Personal Shield icon.png
Common icon.png
Personal Shield + [Ene] Suffix Chance to provide a 10% Energy Damage Buff for 4 sec when you take damage. Ranged
Small Power Cell icon.png Power Cell
Small - Medium - Large
Small - +15 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Medium - +20 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Large - +25 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Consumed on use.

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Damage Type Pistol Rifle Assault Melee
& Other
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Elite Fleet Ground Weapons (standard + extra proc)
Reputation and Lock Box (dual-proc and new proc)
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