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The House of Duras is one of the Great Houses in the Klingon Empire. Ja'rod, the leader of the House, has aligned himself with the House of J'mpok.


  • 2153:
    • Duras, son of Toral, is dishonored by Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer after losing a battle to Archer's starship, the Enterprise. As punishment, he is reduced in rank from captain to second weapons officer and assigned to the Ty'Gokor defense perimeter.
    • He was later given command of a Bird-of-Prey and sent to apprehend Archer, now a fugitive, in a chance to regain his honor. Despite his best efforts, Duras failed his mission and died when his ship was destroyed on the border of the Delphic Expanse.
  • 2265:
    • The House of B'vat is in the middle of a blood feud with the House of Duras following the death of B'vat's brother due to "Duras treachery".
  • 2346:
    • Ja'rod betrays his people to the Romulan Star Empire by providing them with the codes to lower the defenses protecting the Klingon colony on Khitomer. Ironically, Ja'rod was among those killed in the ensuing massacre.
  • 2366:
    • New evidence reveals Ja'rod's guilt; however by then Ja'rod's son Duras has become an influential figure in the Empire and exposing Ja'rod's crime would dishonor Duras and possible trigger civil war. At Duras' suggestion, Chancellor K'mpec chooses instead to frame Mogh (who also died at Khitomer) and discommendate his son Worf.
  • 2367:
    • Following K'mpec's death, Duras seeks to become Chancellor. However, after he murders K'Ehleyr Worf seeks vengeance and slays him. Gowron becomes Chancellor instead. The House of Duras is left without a legitimate heir.
  • 2368:
    • Several months later Duras' sisters Lursa and B'Etor reveal that Duras has a son, Toral, and Toral has inherited his father's claim for the position of Chancellor. Secretly supported by Sela and the Romulan Empire, they begin attacking Klingon ships and bases loyal to Gowron, triggering a civil war. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D is eventually able to expose the Romulans' involvement, forcing them to withdraw their support and leaving the House of Duras helpless against Gowron's forces. Lursa and B'Etor escape aboard a Bird-of-Prey; Toral is arrested but eventually released due to the fact that he had been little more than a pawn of his aunts'.
  • 2371:
    • At some point prior to this year, Lursa gave birth to a son, Ja'rod.
    • Lursa and B'Etor begin working with El-Aurian scientist Dr. Tolian Soran, stealing trilithium from the Romulans in order to assist him in the development of a superweapon with which to re-conquer the Klingon Empire. They attempt to destroy the Enterprise-D in the Veridian System, but the Enterprise manages to exploit a flaw in their ship's design and destroy their Bird-of-Prey. Following their deaths, Ja'rod is adopted into the House of Torg.
  • 2372:
    • The famed Sword of Kahless is rediscovered in the Gamma Quadrant and Toral learns of its location. However, his plans to take over the Klingon Empire with it are thwarted by Worf and Kor, who jettison the sword into space.
  • 2392:
  • 2395:
    • While on shore leave on Rha'darus, Ja'rod - now an officer on the I.K.S. Kang - is ambushed by three Klingon warriors who turn out to be Undine agents hoping to remove and replace him. Under questioning, the lone surviving Undine reveals that its people have infiltrated every major power in the quadrant.
  • 2396:
    • When Captain Klor of the Kang refuses to fully investigate the claims of the Undine they captured, Ja'rod leads an uprising of the crew. Klor and his first officer are executed, and Ja'rod becomes the new captain. After sending a coded message to Qo'nos, the Kang cloaks. J'mpok, now Chancellor of the High Council, does little to locate Ja'rod, possibly in an attempt to curry favor from the Houses of Torg and Duras.
  • 2397:
    • The Kang de-cloaks long enough for Ja'rod to announce that he is assuming charge of the House of Duras, and that he is formally allying himself with J'mpok. The Kang cloaks again, but is suspected to be in the vicinity of the Klingon/Gorn border.
  • 2399:
    • The Kang returns to Qo'noS, along with proof that the leaders of the Gorn Hegemony have been replaced by Undine infiltrators. The following day, J'mpok declares war against the Hegemony.
  • 2403:
    • The Hegemony falls to the Klingon Empire. For his part in exposing the Undine threat, Ja'rod is offered a seat on the High Council. He declines, saying: "Until I have fully proven my worth to the Empire, I do not deserve to be in your number. I will return to Qo'noS as a hero, or not at all."

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  • Members of the House of Duras made frequent appearances in the various Star Trek series and movies.

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