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Deep Space 9 is a major cross-faction hub in the Alpha Quadrant.

A hub or social zone is a non-mission map where players can gather to access services, buy from vendors begin missions and interact with each other. Hubs do not include combat and rarely include missions outside of tutorials.

Adventure zones and battle zones, which serve as large maps for assorted missions and combat, occasionally include a separate hub map, or a small dedicated area with basic hub functions such as bank.


Players encounter new hubs are they progress through the storyline; for instance Delta Quadrant Command serves as a base during the Delta Quadrant arc. In some rare cases, hubs become inaccessible; namely the 23rd century ESD and Starfleet Academy.

Some are faction locked, such as Deep Space K-7 which is not accessible to KDF-aligned characters. Each faction has a primary faction-locked starting hub, usually, their homeworld, although Romulan Republic and Dominion characters can access the faction hubs of their allies.


All hubs have access to Mail, Exchange, Bank, Account Bank and Fleet bank, but there are wide differences in what actions can be performed or currencies can be used. Beyond that, access to services such as the shipyard or Dabo can vary widely.

For specific vendor list including location, either click the starbase at top or action/currency at left. Additionally, there is a list of vendors in all locations.

In instances where the actions or currency are used, but only for limited circumstances, see footnotes for more information. To see the relevant NPC, hover over the check mark.

Hubs accessible by all factions | Starfleet-only hubs | Klingon Defense Force-only hubs | Romulan Republic-only hubs
Deep Space 9 Delta Quadrant Command Dyson Sphere Drozana Station Captain's Table Earth Spacedock Deep Space K-7 Starbase 39-Sierra First City Ganalda Space Station Romulan Flotilla New Romulus Command
Select Ship Dockmaster Det (West Docking Ring) Yes Yes Ship Selector (Transporter Room) Yes Ensign Obin (Shipyard) Lieutenant Sean Gabriel (Shipyard) Ship Selections Officer (Shipyard) Captain Klaarg (Shipyard) Lieutenant Valan (Shipyard) Yes Yes
Customize Ship Shipwright Arcol (West Docking Ring) Yes Yes No Yes Dirz Raxx (Shipyard) Commander Silel (Shipyard) No Bekk D'Vidd (Shipyard) Commander Trann (Shipyard) Yes Yes
Tailor Mo'Neke (Promenade) Yes Yes Becka (Bazaar) Yes Ghemik Telur (Requisitions) Jil Kellet (Armory) No Taluk (Challenge Floor) Lyss (Armory) Yes Yes
Requisition Starships Eclia (Ship and Shuttle Requisitions) (West Docking Ring) Yes Yes No No Lieutenant Laurel (Starship Requisitions), Ensign Bynarez (Starship Requisitions) Ship and Shuttle Requisitions (Shipyard) Ship and Shuttle Requisitions (Shipyard) Ship and Shuttle Requisitions (Shipyard) Starship and Shuttle Requisitions (Shipyard) Yes Yes
Requsition Bridge Officers Officer (Operations)[1] Yes No No No Elsa Mora (Personnel) Ensign Jaymahn (Club K7) Ensign Bariet Jaran (Shipyard) Commander V'Qlar (Barracks) Lieutenant Kotra (Lounge) Yes Yes
Bridge Officer Trainer Roxy Yes No No No Bridge Officer Trainer (Personnel) No No Bridge Officer Trainer (Barracks) No Yes Yes
Form a Fleet No No No No No Fleet Ambassador (Personnel) No No Fleet Ambassador (Barracks) No Yes Yes
Turn in Contraband, Prisoners Security Officer No No No No Security Officer (FED) Security Officer (FED) Security Officer (FED) Security Officer (KDF) Security Officer (KDF) No Yes
Dabo Holo Leeta (Quark's Bar) No No Holo Leeta (Bar) No No No No No No No No
Latinum Vendor Woadroh "Woadie" Bhoith (Quark's Bar) No No Greelan (Bar) No No No No No No No No
Turn in Prototype Consoles No No No Ferengi Collector (Bar) No Ferengi Collector (Requisitions) No No No No No No
Repair Ship Chief Engineering Officer (West Docking Ring) Yes Yes No Yes Chief Engineering Officer (Shipyard) K-7 Engineering Officer (Shipyard) No Chief Engineering Officer (Shipyard) Engineering Officer (Shipyard) Yes Yes
Heal Officers Chief Medical Officer (East Docking Ring) Yes Yes No Yes Chief Medical Officer (Sickbay) K-7 Medical Officer (Dr. Yoc'm's lab) No Chief Medical Officer (Sickbay) Medical Officer (Lounge) Yes Yes
Major Components icon.png Shields Battery icon.png Weapons Battery icon.png Engine Battery icon.png Auxiliary Battery icon.png Obb (West Docking Ring) Yes Yes Various (Bazaar) Yes Shalah (Starship Requisitions) Esheli (Shipyard) Jessiek (Shipyard) Gurkan (Shipyard) Ch'korgh (Shipyard) Yes Yes
Major Regenerator icon.png Large Hypo icon.png Large Shield Charge icon.png Large Power Cell icon.png Dolgun (Promenade) and Tohmoe (Promenade) Yes Yes Various (Bazaar) Yes Lessa (Requisitions) Tal Nala (Armory) Marrien (Armory) B'Eora (Challenge Floor) Tok (Armory) Yes Yes
Transwarp Ambassador rank[2] Yes[3] Yes[4] No No Automatic Ability Consul rank[5] Envoy rank[6] Automatic Ability No Yes Yes
  1. Bridge officers available to Federation only.
  2. Transwarp unlocked at Diplomatic rank Ambassador
  3. Transwarp unlocked at Tier I of the Delta Alliance Reputation System
  4. Transwarp unlocked at Tier I of the Dyson Joint Command Reputation System
  5. Transwarp unlocked at Diplomatic rank Consul
  6. Transwarp unlocked at Diplomatic rank Envoy

Minor hubs[]

All these hubs have a bank but have only few or no special functions. Many of them are small areas within a broader adventure zone.

Federation-only hubs | Hubs accessible by both factions | KDF-only hubs
Starfleet Academy Hathon Staging Area Risa Paradise City Kobali City Winter Wonderland Klingon Academy
Bank Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exchange Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Select Ship No Yes No No No No No No
Tailor Academy Staff - Tailor Services (Building 2) No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Transwarp Automatic Ability No Yes Yes[1] No No Yes Yes
Latinum Vendor No No No Yes Yes No Yes No
Other Vet. Dilithium Ref. Dabo Dabo Vet. Dilithium Ref.
  1. Transwarp unlocked at Tier II Starbase Comms Array (Fed Only). KDF: Unknown but obtainable

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