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KlingonI.K.S. Kri’stak
Destroyed (2411)

The I.K.S. Kri’stak is a Vo'devwl-class Carrier used as the personal flagship of J'mpok, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “The Khitomer Discord”: After stealing the Lukara's Mycelial Weapon and reinstalling it on the Kri'stak, J'mpok fires on Khitomer and is present during the final battle, although his ship is not targetable.
  • ALL “Partisans”: The player, Martok, Adet'pa and House Mo'Kai forces engage the Kri’stak while J'Ula and Wilkins aboard the Lukara works on broadcasting the evidence of J'mpok's attack on Khitomer in the Gorath System.
  • ALL “Knowledge is Power”: The Kri'stak appears in J'Ula's first vision, devastating Qo'noS' surface with the Mycelial weapon alongside a massive Elachi invasion force. The weapon ultimately destabilizes Qo'noS' crust, destroying the planet in a massive explosion.
  • ALL “A Day Long Remembered”: After defeating the first wave of forces, J'mpok enters the battle with his main fleet where the player and their allies engage them. The Kri'stak first targets the player with a mycelial weapon, but the player moved swiftly to the I.K.S. K't'inga's position, allowing the weapon to hit her instead and Tarsev's Elachi forces to emerge from the rift, leaving the two ships unscathed. They then disable the Kri'stak afterwards.
  • ALL “Remain Klingon”: While ground forces are fighting in First City, a team of Alliance forces coordinated by Adet'pa, Kagran and Martok work to destroy the Kri'stak and the Targ. Using a similar tactic, players who are targeted by the Kri'stak are instructed to move swiftly to the Targ's position, allowing the mycelial weapon to fire and the modified Mo'Kai virus to disable her and vice versa. With both ships fully disabled by the virus, players and their allies destroy both flagships as L'Rell announces the end of the Civil War.

Other involvement[]


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