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KlingonI.K.S. Rotarran
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Active (2410)

The I.K.S. Rotarran is a B'rel-class Bird-of-Prey in service to the House of Martok in 2410. It is the House's flagship under the command of General Martok which served with distinction during the Dominion War.


Currently serving[]

  • General Martok - Commanding Officer (2373-Present)

Former crew[]

Missions involved[]


As a Negh'Var Warship prior to Season 20.

  • Prior to Season Twenty: House Divided, the Rotarran first appeared as a Negh'Var Warship in "Brushfire", and then a Hegh'ta Heavy Bird-of-Prey in "Scylla and Charybdis". It is possible that Martok assumed command of a Bird-of-Prey and had it renamed in honor of the previous Bird-of-Prey he commanded decades earlier. Following the "Victory is Life" expansion, the Rotarran appears as a Hegh'ta Bird-of-Prey parked near Deep Space 9.

    As a Hegh'ta Heavy Bird-of-Prey prior to Season 20.

  • With the release of Season 20, the appearance of the Rotarran has been restored to that of a B'rel-class Bird of Prey (seemingly implying that it is the same ship seen in Deep Space Nine) across most of its appearances.

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