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Romulan Star EmpireI.R.W. Areinnye
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Burgus System

The I.R.W. Areinnye is a Tal Shiar Mogai Heavy Warbird captained by Commander Taelus.

Missions involved[]

Gallery (pre-Season 9)[]


  • According to the novel The Romulan Way, "areinnye" means "hell" in the Romulan language.
  • The interior of the Areinnye was heavily revamped in Season 9: A New Accord, now more closely resembling the interior of the I.R.W. Khnial. The mission she appears in was also replaced with “Where Angels Fear to Tread”.
  • Players can determine the Areinnye's fate during the conversation with Commander Taelus after leaving the ship; if they choose to confiscate the Borg technology onboard the ship, the Areinnye will become hostile and attack the player.
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