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Terran EmpireI.S.S. Enterprise
ISS Enterprise.png
Leeta (mirror)
Active (2410)

The I.S.S. Enterprise is a Terran Odyssey Dreadnought Cruiser serving the Terran Empire. It was under the command of Admiral Leeta until 2411, where Captain Killy takes over after Leeta returns to the Prime universe.


Missions involved[]

  • Faction Khitomer.png Badlands Battlezone: The Enterprise appears during the final phase of the Badlands Battlezone. If defeated, the Enterprise retreats through a portal.
  • ALL “Temporal Reckoning”: The player battles the Enterprise at New Khitomer.
  • ALL “Ragnarok”: Leeta commands the Enterprise during the Battle of Procyon V. Once defeated aboard the Enterprise-J, Leeta escapes to the I.S.S. Enterprise and withdraws from the battle.
  • ALL “Red Shift”: In 2411, the Enterprise, now commanded by Captain Killy, is part of a raid on Jupiter Station in the Sol system alongside the Defiant, Voyager and the Reskava to steal the Emperor's prize.
  • ALL “Iuppiter Iratus”: Killy commands the Enterprise through mirror universe rifts as the final boss players have to repel in the defense of Jupiter Station.
  • ALL “Blue Shift”: The Enterprise is present at Terran Space Dock as the player makes their escape after rescuing Ilia, with Tilly still in command. It eventually retreats from the battle.
  • ALL “The Calling”: The Enterprise is present at mirror Pahvo, still under Tilly's command. During the battle, it is the only vessel not incapacitated when a planet-based Agonizer beam is fired from the surface. Leeta, Rae'Yeet, and the player beam aboard to disable it, and Leeta eventually retakes command. It escapes Pahvo with the allied fleet after the arrival of The Other and the Emperor's flagship.

Other involvement[]

  • "Aftershocks": After returning to the Mirror Universe following her latest defeat, Admiral Leeta receives orders from the Emperor to surrender command of the Enterprise to Commander Jarok. Before she and her crew can make their escape, the Enterprise is attacked by the I.S.S. Pastak, along with the Tempus and Poh; however, Leeta is able to transmit a secret code which disables the vessels and allows the Enterprise to destroy the Pastak, after which the other vessels pledge their loyalty to Leeta. She prepares to find new allies, using information downloaded from New Khitomer in the other universe.


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