Injured Deferi (Table 3)

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DeferiInjured Deferi
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Deferi Ship

The Injured Deferi is a patient of Dr. Cossa aboard the Deferi Ship in the Raveh System. He seems to be a high ranking officer on the ship. He was implanted with a Breen device designed to retrieve childhood memories. He has a sister who is three years older than he is.

Personal history

  • He grew up on a farm with his sister, mother and father.
  • At school an older boy named Toska teased him by taking his favorite toys and eventually broke them, so none of them could play. His mother claimed Toska was out of Balance.
  • He did not like his mother's stew when he was young, since to him it tasted like bugs. To get dessert, he was to eat his vegetables first. However he liked his mother's smell of "love and cooking herbs," and when she hugged him.
  • His father sang him rhymes until he fell asleep in his arms.
  • As a child he never got sick, even when he played in the mud against his mother's wishes. He liked catching Umek insects at twilight, when their wings looked like they were glowing from golden fire.
  • With his sister, he picked berries. Their mother sprinkled granulated clava honey over them, since they are tart.
  • His sister had a doll named Ilka. Since she was older, their mother her to do more "fun things."

Missions involved

  • “Cold Comfort”: When attacked by a Breen boarding party he is implanted with a device to retrieve his childhood memories. Suffering from brain trauma, he is reliving them unaware of the Deferi Ship he is on. A dose of anetrizine incapacitates the implant temporarily, but it cannot be removed by Dr. Cossa without major risk. Thus the player interrogates captured Breen in order to find a way to remove the cortical implant.