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Military Rank:
Facility 4028

Inmate 91856 is a Class IX prisoner of Federation maximum security detention center Facility 4028. His cell is continuously monitored by ISIS and fitted with active jammers. Tholian environmental protocols are active. Inmate 91856's sentence is pending by 2409.


  • On Stardate 86187.4 (March 10, 2409), the unknown Tholian was found in an escape pod and brought to Deep Space K-7, where he received medical treatment. He attempted to download sensitive information (ship movements and military capabilities) from a Starfleet database.
  • Inmate 91856 is currently held in Facility 4028. Negotiations with the Tholian government for repatriation are pending.
  • Inmate 91856's cell is located in tract B. Until 2409, the neighboring cell was occupied by the Female Changeling.

Missions involved[]

  • “Facility 4028”: Information about Inmate 91856 is accessible from the ISIS interface at the cell's door, which can be opened. The Tholian is not visible inside the cell, however. He is not encountered when the prisoners are freed from their cells, either. He may have died when the ISIS core's failure deactivated the force fields, as Tholians cannot survive at room temperature.


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