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Item container (or loot containers or drops) have a chance of appearing after defeating an enemy in space combat or ground combat. They can be interacted with to take the item(s) so they are stored in the inventory.

These containers differ in shape according to the rarity of the item(s) within, providing a visual reference to the player to recognize items of greater rarity and thus higher value.

When you are in a group, loot will be distributed according to specific loot settings.

Ultra Rare and Epic level items don't drop so they don't have a special container.

Items container[]

Rarity Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Ground Cmlootgr.jpg Ucmlootgr.jpg Rarelootgr.jpg Vrarelootgr.jpg
Space Cmlootsp.jpg Ucmlootsp.jpg ? Vrarelootsp.jpg

Lock Boxes container[]

These are pictures of Lockboxes post-Agents of Yesterday launch. Before this they had a white light (like the one found on common item drops) shooting out of them.

Rarity Common
Ground Lock box ground.png
Space Lock box space.png