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Ja'rod prior to Season 20

Ja'rod is the son of Lursa, Captain of the I.K.S. Kang, and leader of the House of Duras.


  • 2371: Ja'rod is born to Lursa at some point prior to the Battle of Veridian III in this year. Following his mother's death in said battle, Ja'rod is adopted into the House of Torg.
  • 2389: Ja'rod is disgraced when a diplomatic baseball game between the Pike City Pioneers and the S'Yahazah City Talons, a team representing the Gorn Hegemony in diplomatic negotiations with the Klingon Empire, which Ja'rod had helped arrange, breaks down when the Gorn pitcher is revealed to be an Undine infiltrator. In order to regain his lost honor, he joins the Klingon Defense Force.
  • 2392: Ja'rod, along with Torg and the rest of his House, openly support J'mpok over Chancellor Martok. Ja'rod also survives a Gorn attack on Ogat.
  • 2395: While on shore leave on Rha'darus, Ja'rod - now an officer on the I.K.S. Kang - is ambushed by three Klingon warriors who turn out to be Undine agents hoping to remove and replace him. Under questioning, the lone surviving Undine reveals that its people have infiltrated every major power in the quadrant.
  • 2396: When Captain Klor of the Kang refuses to fully investigate the claims of the Undine they captured, Ja'rod leads an uprising of the crew. Klor and his first officer are executed, and Ja'rod becomes the new captain. After sending a coded message to Qo'nos, the Kang cloaks. J'mpok, now Chancellor of the High Council, does little to locate Ja'rod, possibly in an attempt to curry favor from the Houses of Torg and Duras.
  • 2397: The Kang uncloaks long enough for Ja'rod to announce that he is assuming charge of the House of Duras, and that he is formally allying himself with J'mpok. The Kang cloaks again, but is suspected to be in the vicinity of the Klingon/Gorn border.
  • 2399: The Kang returns to Qo'noS, bringing proof that the leaders of the Gorn Hegemony have been replaced by Undine infiltrators. The following day, J'mpok declares war against the Hegemony.
  • 2403: The Hegemony falls to the Klingon Empire. For his part in exposing the Undine threat, Ja'rod is offered a seat on the High Council. He declines, saying: "Until I have fully proven my worth to the Empire, I do not deserve to be in your number. I will return to Qo'noS as a hero, or not at all."
  • 2409: Ja'rod aids the Romulan Republic in repelling Tal Shiar and Elachi forces on Khitomer and New Romulus. He further leads an Honor Guard reconnaissance group in scouting for Borg activities.
  • 2410: Ja'rod participates in the Alliance’s fight against the Iconians and is present at the briefing on Earth Spacedock.
  • 2411: Ja'rod participates in the Klingon Civil War after J’Ula addresses the High Council at the Great Hall. His house is allied with J'mpok, and continues his support even after J'mpok launched an attack on Khitomer killing numerous delegates and civilians. He is eventually killed by an Alliance captain, accompanied by General Martok, J’Ula and Adet’pa after J'mpok sent him to engage them. Martok in particular described him as ‘loyal, but expendable’, called out his continuous habit of choosing poor allies and tried to convince him to not dishonor himself before he is killed.

Missions involved[]

  • ROM “Turning Point”: Ja'rod commands the I.K.S. Kang in the Khitomer System, aiding Romulan Republic players in repelling a Tal Shiar incursion.
  • ROM “Devil's Choice” & FED “Shadow Play”: The Kang is part of a joint Starfleet/KDF fleet aiding the Romulan Republic in battle against an Elachi invasion of the New Romulus System.
  • ALL “The Cure Applied”: Admiral D'vak sends the players to investigate when Ja'rod's Klingon Honor Guard reconnaissance group goes missing while scouting Borg activity in the Vorn System. On the surface of Vorn, the players discover Ja'rod and his men have been captured by the Borg; some of them have been infected with the Borg nanovirus, and others are being held captive. Using genetic material gathered from Ja'rod's crew, the players are able to modify the Federation's nanovirus counteragent to work on Klingons. The players defeat Armek of Borg, allowing Ja'rod and his men to return to the Kang.
  • ALL “The Cure Found”: With the Kang disabled by the Borg, Ja'rod asks the players to fend of the attacking Borg ships while his crew makes repairs. The Kang is able to escape the Vorn System and return to the Empire with the nanovirus counteragent.
  • ALL “Blood of Ancients”: Ja'rod is present at the briefing on Earth Spacedock in preparation of the imminent Iconian attacks on various systems.
  • ALL “The Centre Cannot Hold”: Ja'rod is present at J'Ula's meeting with the Klingon High Council at the Great Hall. He aids the player in defeating House Mo’Kai and Klingon Rebel forces after the meeting.
  • ALL “The Khitomer Discord”: After the player, Martok, J'Ula and Adet'pa emerge from the lower levels, J'mpok sends Captain Ja'rod (who Martok describes as 'loyal, but expendable') to lead Klingon forces in engaging them. During the battle, Martok calls out Ja'rod's habit of choosing the wrong allies and he is ultimately defeated. Even if his injuries weren't lethal, the Mycelial Weapon that destroyed the facilities probably finished the job.

    J'mpok sends Klingon forces led by Ja'rod to engage the player, General Martok, J'Ula and Adet'pa.

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